The best armor in Final Fantasy XIV (May 2022)

Final Fantasy XIV introduced some amazing gear sets to Endwalker. Here’s how to get the toughest and best looking armor, as of May 2022.

Gear Final Fantasy XIV constantly improves as more difficult content is added to the game. Older armor becomes obsolete as more powerful gear is readily available. For example, the hardest raid gear in A kingdom is reborn now equals what can be purchased easily with Allagan Tomestones from Poetics. Here’s how to get some of the best armor, right now, in May 2022.

The best gear in any given patch is subjective as some players prefer the coolest gear, while others like to have the highest stats. Adventurers can, of course, solve this problem by using Glamor Prisms in Final Fantasy XIV. These items allow fans to apply the appearance of a piece of gear to the armor they are currently wearing. Each update adds a lot of new gear that can be desirable for adventurers. One of the most sought after armor sets right now is FFXIVArchdemon outfit. To acquire the gear, players must reach level 25 in the new PvP Series system. This can be done by gaining experience in Crystalline Conflict or Rival Wings. The Archfiend Attire is one of the coolest sets added to the game and can be earned by anyone. Adventurers who are more PvE focused should aim to get level 600 gear, the strongest armor available at the moment.


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The journey to acquiring the best armor on the market begins with purchasing a full set of ilvl 590 Radiant gear. Allagan Astronomy Tomestones are exchanged for Cihanti in Radz within reach (X: 10.8, Y: 10.3) for gear, which can then be upgraded with Radiant Twine. This ingredient can be purchased from Djole for Myth of Asphodelos III or Wilmetta for 3,000 bags of nuts, both located near the old merchant. The first material drops from Asphodelos: The Third Circle (Savage) and the second from Elite Marks. FFXIV‘s Myths of the Realm Alliance Raid introduced Coins of Aglaia, which can also be exchanged for Radiant Twine, by speaking to Nesvaaz in Radz at your fingertips. After upgrading Radiant Armor, Adventures will receive the increased Radiant Armor, with an ilvl of 600. Players have another way to enter FFXIV to earn equipment of that level.

Other ways to get iLvL 600 gear in Final Fantasy XIV

FFXIV Asphodelos Savage Second Circle Boss

Players who complete the Pandaemonium Savage Raid can find Asphodelos armor in drops. The activity is divided into four circles, with each part offering different rewards. Adventurers looking for level 600 armor should look to complete the second and first circle of Asphodelos (wild). Equipment can be acquired either from the opening Asphodelos Chests or by exchanging Myth of Asphodelos. Unfortunately, players are limited to throwing one random chest per circle each week. Enter the wild version of FFXIVRaiding Pandaemonium with a prefab party can make this process easier, as adventurers can pass on loot they don’t need.

Asphodelos Armor and Augmented Radiant Armor can be level 600, but they both offer different stat distributions. The real endgame for many players is earning the best Glamor in the game. Each set of gear is fantastic and definitely worth picking up for Style Points. The Archfiend Attire isn’t the only amazing armor available to adventurers. The hunt for the best armor Final Fantasy XIV is endless.

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Final Fantasy XIV is available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam or the official Square Enix website.

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