The Ascent Cyberpunk Double Sleeve Shooter Gets Free Transmog


The Ascent features a pretty edgy dystopia, where you can choose to offset your massive robotic servo arms and oversized pistol with a tank top that features a cartoon cat or a distorted smiley face, and turn off the helmets to keep your tattoo. mohawk or skull visible at all times. The latest update adds transmogrification, allowing you to make any piece of armor look like another or make it invisible. Stylist, a shop added to each safe zone, will transform any equipped armor for a fee.

The latest update also adds eight free items of clothing, like caps, jeans, t-shirts, and more. so you can try out the transmog feature, as well as the photo mode added in a previous update. It also fixes various issues related to stability, achievements, and co-op players not being able to hear each other shoot. See the whole patch notes for details.

At the same time, a paid DLC called the CyberSec Pack is out. It gives you two new weapons (a Grenade Launcher and a Ballistic Burst Rifle), four pieces of armor (a torso, a leg, and two headgear options), and four animated weapon skins. If you’d rather live out your Tom Clancy miltech fantasy and look like a dirty corporate agent, this is the equipment for you.

The ascent can have jarring difficulty peaks, but it’s a quality arcade shooter with a setting you’ll want to descend into and take screenshots. As Andy Kelly said in his review, “From the lavish Golden Satori Casino to the gloomy and run down slums of Black Lake, this is a master class for creating a sense of place and creating an atmosphere.”

Neon Giant developers plan to continue supporting with planned additions like more voiceovers for side missions and a new + game mode.


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