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Nowadays, Final Fantasy Versus XIII remains a fascinating and enigmatic existence. Despite its eventual transformation into Final Fantasy XVa lot of Versus XIII the identity has been inherently altered or removed. It’s honestly pretty crazy to think that this game was first announced in 2006, if I vaguely remember, and I was only about six years old. For this reason, it is almost nostalgic. Yet nostalgia has begun to resurface with the apparent resurgence of some Against XIII elements in the direction of Kingdom Hearts the series is heading.

It’s hard to put into words, but Against XIII has an entirely unique engaging vibe that has never been replicated in any Square Enix release. Of course, it could just be sentimentality taking the reins here, but Against XIII has always been its own perceivable beast.

Unfortunately, Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailers have rarely been seen in higher qualities. Fortunately, prominent Square Enix modder and community member, 13th shipdecided to remaster each Against XIII trailer in HD quality, using dro (Against XIII Historian), Well (source material preserved), Idnukri ((source material preserved) and The key to truth (Translations). The result is a hands-on, masterful video where viewers can enjoy the Final Fantasy Versus XIII promotional material in a whole new light.

You can see the HD Remastered trailers for Final Fantasy Versus XIII via the 13th ship below:

Discover our opinion on Stranger from Paradise Final Fantasy Origins.

Stranger from Paradise Final Fantasy Origin releases for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC on March 18, 2022.

Prepare for Spriggan invasions, as Final Fantasy XI gets the return of the FFXIV collaboration event Tue, 15 Mar 2022 21:00:00 +0000

the Final Fantasy XIV The collaboration returns once again Final Fantasy XI. The spriggans have returned to Vana’diel and it’s up to you to deal with them and help the moogles.

This throwback event is a good chance to try and collect any loot you might have missed. You’ll be able to get started when the event begins on March 22 at 11 a.m. PT. You will be able to talk to one of the moogles in southern San d’Oria, Port Bastok, or Windurst Waters. After talking to the moogles, you will go to catch the spriggans that have arrived and are infesting the land.

With the help of moogle magic, you will be able to start catching them in certain areas. Magic allows you to face spriggans. If you defeat and capture them, you will be rewarded with Chartreuse, Vermilion, or Mauve Stone Shards. While under the moogle magic boost, your player level will be reduced to one and during the time you are fighting you cannot be attacked or attack other monsters. The event allows you to concentrate.

Take your stone shards you earned by capturing the spriggans and trade them to the moogle that started the event to enter a mini lottery. Reach the first, second, or third prize tier and win a Spriggan item like a purple Spriggan Coat or a red Spriggan Club. Hit the booby prize level to get a colorful lollipop or Spriggan Spark. There will also be Spriggan Fetishes and Spriggan Spirits that you can collect if you meet certain conditions.

You can even own a spriggan by trading fetishes and spriggan spirits.

The event runs until April 11 and you can see more details in this announcement at Final Fantasy XI.

How Chrono Trigger is a plan for Square Enix to improve PC support Mon, 14 Mar 2022 05:27:00 +0000

After four years of no update in between, a 27-year-old man Square-Enix JRPG is getting a surprise new update out of the blue. For Square Enix, it is particularly unusual that the trigger of a stopwatch on PC received an update, although the game apparently ended all major updates in August 2018. Initially, Square Enix worked on several updates for the Steam version of the trigger of a stopwatch after several fans complained to the publisher regarding the state of the PC port. After the fifth and former “last major update” of the patch for the trigger of a stopwatch released, many believed that over three years later another patch would not come. However, this new update brings a host of new features and compatibility.


What is interesting in the Steam version of the trigger of a stopwatch is that, in many ways, this indirectly led to Square Enix offering better support for the PC platform. Games like the “Windows edition” of Final Fantasy 15 helped get the ball rolling, but critical reception and fans of the trigger of a stopwatchThe PC port of enhanced the 1995 game beyond its SNES debut. A similar thing is currently happening with the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasterwhich would not have happened without the receipt of the trigger of a stopwatchof the Steam version. Square Enix should use its retroactive support of the trigger of a stopwatchthe PC version of as a reference for PC platform support in the future.

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History of Chrono Trigger on PC

the trigger of a stopwatchSteam’s initial release on Steam was marred by “mostly negative” reviews on the platform. Players cited issues such as limited resolution/graphics options, inability to remap controls or hotkeys, and a filter or mapping over the original art style that made things blurry and unoriginal. For a surprise port that has not been announced or announced beforehand, the trigger of a stopwatch was a big hit with fans, but not for the right reasons. In an opportunity where the Steam port could become the definitive version of the game (which die-hard fans previously thought the 3DS re-release was), Square Enix released a controversial port instead.

Post-release, rather than leaving the game status alone like the original Final Fantasy PC ports (which received similar reviews), Square Enix supported and updated the trigger of a stopwatch several times. With five updates between March and August 2018, reviews have steadily increased from previously negative sentiment to the current “very positive” average. Nowadays, many fans are satisfied with the status of the the trigger of a stopwatch PC release on Steam, especially compared to the game’s surprise release in February 2018. Given how happy fans were and several years without a substantial additional update until this year, many probably weren’t expecting any another update.

Now, the trigger of a stopwatch on PC (and mobile) is getting a new update that brings several new features to the improved port. The game can now be run on ultra-wide aspect ratios of up to 21:9, the mobile version of the game received “improved operability” (greater precision with touch controls), automatic combat speed accelerated to 1.5x to help speed up battles, as well as increasing the number of save slots to 20. This is an unexpected and welcome update from Square Enix that is proactive rather than reactive, which is an encouraging sign given Square Enix’s previous experience with PC platform support.

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Square Enix’s PC support is mixed, but improving

FF6 Pixel Remaster

Square Enix’s track record with the PC platform and its IP is mixed, even in the wake of this surprising the trigger of a stopwatch update. Ports of several classics Final Fantasy games to Steam have been adapted from mobile ports on Android/iOS, leading to similar criticism against the the trigger of a stopwatch port a few years ago. Even newer ports, like the Final Fantasy 7 Remake The port on the Epic Games Store suffered from similar reviews regarding poor graphics features, as well as performance issues. Deny automataThe Steam port of in particular has also come under heavy criticism, with performance issues requiring fan mods to fix compatibility issues.

However, there have been some improvements with Square Enix’s PC platform support lately, Final Fantasy 7 Remake next to. the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster in particular seems to be a direct and preemptive response to criticism from fans of the the trigger of a stopwatch and Final Fantasy PC ports in previous years. These versions offer faithful graphics in a higher resolution, greater hotkey customization, as well as added fanfare like re-orchestrated music, and even extensive gameplay overhauls. The opera scene at Final Fantasy 6 is the best example, as it’s completely revamped to feature 3D environments and perspective shifts, as well as all-vocal lyrics and performances alongside re-orchestrated music. These enhanced re-releases have all received “very positive” reception on Steam.

Many games, as part of the Pixel Remasteringalso retain many improvements in the trigger of a stopwatchon Square Enix’s PC port, indicating that fan concerns have been heard and acknowledged by Square Enix. Same Automatawhich had to be ported to PC again by a completely separate dev team, was able to fix a lot of issues with the Steam version of Deny automata thanks to a free update for players who owned the game, especially after players voiced their criticisms. While Final Fantasy 7 Remake has yet to receive the same treatment, Square Enix is ​​clearly listening to fan concerns.

Square Enix should look into the success of the trigger of a stopwatchupdates of, as well as the success of the games of the Pixel Remastering, as a starting point for better support on the PC platform. Even to this day it’s not fair to Final Fantasy fans have to complain to Square Enix again for a lackluster port of Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PC, especially after the success of the old titles.

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loveanth twitch ban youtube video
Amouranth returns to Twitch after a 3-day ban

Twitch is overturning its fifth ban against popular streamer Amouranth, allowing her to return to the streaming platform after just three days.

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Triangle Strategy is a worthy Square Enix follow-up to Octopath Thu, 10 Mar 2022 21:20:00 +0000

A portrait of Roland, Regna and Cordelia.

Screenshot: Square-Enix

When I first saw the trailer for Square Enix’s new tactical role-playing game Triangle strategyI was excited to scratch myself fire emblem itch (very normcore of me, I know). But now that I’m actually playing it, I’ve found that it more often reminds me of another game I like. After a few hours with the game, I realized it borrowed a lot more from octopath traveler— which was helmed by the same producer, Tomoya Asano — than the warm color palette and nostalgia-inducing pixelated art style. Like its predecessor, the game deeply humanizes its characters, fleshes them out, and respects their beliefs, making them less disposable than most other tactical war games. Triangle strategy is a worthy successor to Octopath Traveler.

Here’s a confession: I waited years to play Octopath due to the negative reviews it received upon launch. Same Kotaku Panoramic like “squeaky” and “boring”. When I finally started the game last year, I was engrossed for dozens of hours. This is why I put Octopath on my GOTY list: the developers had perfected milling. Once you enter the “zone” of his tower-saving combat – improved and refined after first being introduced in A brave omission, also produced by Asano – the game becomes a real meditative experience. As I ventured through the gorgeous vistas and talked to emotionally well-rounded NPCs, I stopped caring so much about the destination. I was having too much fun on my adventure.

For some players, games like Final Fantasy Tactics are their main points of reference when approaching Triangle Strategyand I recognize its validity, but for me it is Octopath, sharing the same signature visual style and directed by some of the same people. So, do Triangle Strategythe gameplay really feels Octopath at all? Well, sort of. Your army doesn’t act as a single entity – each character takes their individual turn based on their speed, interspersed with your enemies’ turns. This makes it much more difficult to simply brake all enemies before they even have a chance to hit you. And while in Octopath characters can store towers to unleash more powerful techniques, here they can use abilities depending on how many TPs (turn points? Your guess is as good as mine) they have accumulated. These points can be saved for a more powerful ability, or they can be used immediately. There is even a character who can give TPs to his allies. You can block the enemy by regularly spending TP, or you can use basic actions to build up a pool of points.

While playing the game, I kept trying to chase away the “flow state” I experienced in Octopath as I stacked my towers and used them strategically to defeat my enemies. Getting into that state proved elusive here because tactical RPGs are far less predictable than traditional JRPGs. At times I thought I had reached a comfortable combat pace, only to have to scramble and change my entire strategy when enemy reinforcements unexpectedly showed up. I was spending points I thought I could safely save in order to survive immediate encounters, only to realize I didn’t have enough points at a critical moment later. The gritty tactics are enjoyable regardless, but it’s an example of how mixing genre conventions can dilute the strengths of both. It was nonetheless a fascinating experience that achieved the kind of intricate risk-and-reward gameplay that I don’t get in most strategy games.

I know it Triangle is a war game, and people are dying in it. It’s just a sad reality. And yet, I can’t help but marvel at the beauty of it all as I pan the camera around the three-dimensional battlefield. I was thinking Octopath was pretty, but Triangle truly sets the standard for beauty and production values ​​in a modern pixel-art game. Yes, my soldiers were killing human beings in the flesh. But do you have seen the sparkling river? Or the steep character of the reddish cliff? When I got really Stressed out by the strategy, I took a deep breath and toured the battlefield. War has never looked so good. And the lore outside of these cards is impeccable. I’ve played a lot of war games that require me to engage with fictional worlds out of a sense of heroic obligation. When I make decisions Triangle strategy, however, I do not mean noblesse oblige. I think of the people of Roselle who carved their villages into the cliffs of Glenbrook – a testament to their enduring resilience in the face of persecution.

A battle map where the player can see how many enemies are targeting Serenoa.

Screenshot: Square-Enix

There are no narrative tricks. The designers have quite simply created a universe that is close to your heart by providing you with small attentive details. The doubts siblings feel about each other, the gifts exchanged before a character’s untimely death, the minutiae of how the territories’ turbulent histories complicate what might otherwise be a simple moral decision – nothing all this is just a simple setting like in many bloated RPGs. Here, even the generic NPCs lead surprisingly dignified lives as they did in Octopath. Unwilling to sacrifice even a single civilian’s house, my fondness for them caused me to struggle with a single map for four hours, when I could have solved it much faster had I been willing to abandon their homes. While most tactical combat simulators like XCOM and even a lot fire emblem The games treat each unique card as throwaway puzzles to be solved, the game is determined to show that everyone’s dignity matters, regardless of their station.

Despite having a more focused story than its eight-protagonist predecessor, Triangle Strategy employs a similar narrative design philosophy with a focus on world building. As you progress, you must periodically use the “Belief Scales”, a system that determines the direction of the story at key turning points. Your path forward is decided by a vote, and the main character can influence their party members with logical or emotional appeals. Often the only way to get key information for these calls is to talk to NPCs throughout your adventure. I love that caring about others isn’t just a fun way to waste time on the continent of Norzelia. This is the key to ensuring the survival of your party.

Octopath tried to decentralize the lone hero narrative structure of so many games by providing eight protagonists, and the result was wildly uneven. The stories often seemed contradictory and hazy – each member of the group had their own quest that felt entirely separate from the others, and so their willingness to travel together felt like forced artifice. But in Triangle Strategy, the voting system allows each member of the party to have different opinions while maintaining a concrete reason to stick together. The belief scale system also subverts the chosen hero archetype in that each person bears some responsibility for the outcome of each vote. Even when I didn’t like the way my decisions turned out, I didn’t feel any of my usual temptations to reload my save file. Since the whole group had had a say in the actions of the party, I didn’t feel like an evil tyrant sending them to fight on my own personal whim.

If anything, Triangle made me realize how screwed up most tactics games are. Think about it: you play as a royal or noble who commands your friends to fight (and sometimes die) in wars simply because they had a revealing moment in which they believed in you, or because they were bound to you by honor or obligation. In Triangle Strategy, each is driven by their own goals and ideologies. No one is just a disposable pawn. It’s a worldview that more games could incorporate into their stories, even if they deal with the dirty business of killing fictional people across borders.

Which Final Fantasy character would you be, based on the zodiac sign? Wed, 09 Mar 2022 04:00:00 +0000

the Final Fantasy the games have been popular since the first installment was released in 1987. Since then, fourteen other mainline titles have been released, along with a number of spin-off games on various platforms. The games follow different characters and scenarios, which means the Final Fantasy The franchise has no shortage of interesting characters that have been loved by fans for years.

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These characters have rich and interesting backgrounds and unique personalities, and fans can pick their favorite based on their storyline or personality type. Twelve characters align so well with a zodiac sign that players can determine which character they might relate to the most based on their own sign.


Aries – Zidane

Final Fantasy 9 Zidane's Dual Blades

An Aries personality is bold and competitive. They tend to be playful, energetic, and ready to dive headfirst into any task. This can often lead them to find themselves in complicated situations from which it is not always easy to get out.

Zidane is fun and flirtatious. He embodies an Aries personality with his think-first attitude. This ultimately serves him well as it leads him to find love and heroism, but there’s no doubt that it has given him some trouble as well.

Taurus – Cloud

Final Fantasy VII Remake Cloud Fan Medley

A Taurus is reliable and protective. They will always come out on top for the people they care about and will sacrifice everything to keep the ones they love safe. They also tend to be stubborn and intransigent, making them a difficult person to reason with or convince against their own beliefs.

Cloud is a fan favorite and one of the most likable characters in Final Fantasy VII. He is stoic and reserved but very far from insensitive. He cares so much about his party members that he would give anything to protect them. Unfortunately, it does not always succeed.

Gemini – Terra

Terra Branford in Final Fantasy

Geminis are known to be affectionate and curious. However, their sign being the twin, they often have a side of themselves that contradicts the first. This can make them slightly inconsistent and indecisive.

Terra begins her game with no memory of her past. She doesn’t know who she is and is constantly worried about her own morals before what she remembers. Eventually, she regains her memories and chooses a side in the conflict, becoming more confident. However, her two contradictory sides will always be part of her.

Cancer – Grain

Final Fantasy Burst

Cancer personalities are loyal but tend to struggle with their own emotional expression. They can be moody and pessimistic, which makes them suspicious of the people around them. Once they establish a relationship with someone, however, it’s rock solid.

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Squall is introverted and wary of any relationship. He lost his family before he could get to know them, which affected his ability to comfortably relate to people. However, he is mostly good-natured and easily lands leadership positions, albeit somewhat against his wishes.

Leo – Tidus

Tidus in Final Fantasy

Leos are passionate, talented, and cheerful. However, their effortless skill at virtually anything they attempt often causes them to be arrogant and slightly self-centered.

Tidus comes from Final Fantasy X, which is one of the best core games for beginners. He is a talented athlete who lives at the center of his own universe. He starts off as extremely arrogant and self-centered, but when his world crumbles around him, he must step out of his own naive worldview to help save everyone. This warm passion, with a touch of arrogance, is exactly what makes him a perfect Leo.

Virgin – Bugenhagen

Bugenhagen Final Fantasy

Virgos are intelligent and analytical. They are always in search of knowledge and care a lot about their work. This can sometimes cause them to put work and duty above themselves or the people around them.

Bugenhagen is the one who launches Cloud and his team on their quest. He cares deeply about the salvation of mankind and relies heavily on gaining knowledge to succeed in it. He is wise and compassionate, making him an excellent confidant for those seeking guidance.

Libra – Noctis

Noctis in Final Fantasy XV

Libras are diplomatic and impartial, which makes them great leaders. They recognize responsibility for making decisions and are extremely passionate about ensuring that people receive the care and justice that is their due.

Noctis is one of the best characters introduced after Final Fantasy VII. He grew up watching his father rule as king and has great respect for that role. It recognizes the need for good government. However, his understanding and respect for the role also made him indecisive and nervous about taking the throne himself. This caution makes him uniquely capable of leading and the perfect example of a Libra.

Scorpio – Vincent

Vincent Valentine Final Fantasy

Scorpios tend to straddle the barrier between good and evil. They have a great capacity for evil, being generally powerful and passionate. However, these same qualities can make them a force for good.

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Vincent is quiet and suspicious, but it becomes clear that in his heart he cares deeply and will willingly sacrifice himself for others. He has a past that he will endlessly seek forgiveness for, so he uses his great power and skill to create a better world.

Sagittarius – Aerith

Aerith Final Fantasy 7 Remake

A Sagittarius personality will generally be idealistic, playful, and adventurous. They are eternal optimists who will always maintain a good sense of humor and do their best to uplift the people they care about.

Aerith is upbeat and cheerful, making her the perfect contrast to Cloud. She always tries to see the good in people, which allows her to connect with those who aren’t always so comfortable sharing their feelings. In classic Sagittarius fashion, she always expects a lot from herself and will always be by her team’s side until the end.

Capricorn – Tifa

Tifa from Final Fantasy VII looks away with a small smile

A Capricorn is responsible and strong. They are natural leaders and will often serve as the voice of reason within a group. They tend to be good-natured and well-mannered, full of compassion and concern for the people around them.

Tifa was Cloud’s childhood friend and the reason he joined Avalanche. She is shy and empathetic, but she will always give her advice and encouragement when her team needs it. She is very weighted, which is a great balance for those who tend to be more spontaneous.

Aquarius – Yuna

Yuna in a Final Fantasy game

An Aquarius is generally a progressive humanitarian. They care about the development and well-being of all and will often be passionate about their mission and goals.

Yuna is one of the best female characters in Final Fantasy. She is extremely dedicated to her cause and cares above all about serving humanity. Although she was originally dedicated to Yevon’s teachings, she was eventually open-minded and ready to think for herself and find her own way.

Pisces – Vivi

Vivi in ​​Final Fantasy IX

A Pisces will generally be intuitive and compassionate, but can also be fearful and gullible. They are sweet and emotional, but due to their tendency to trust the wrong people too much, they often find themselves hurt or in difficult situations.

Vivi is a very confused character about her life and her identity. He is afraid of almost everything and doubts his own magical ability, and he is not confident enough to take risks in order to save the people around him. However, his care and compassion eventually led him to take a few more risks and take responsibility for himself, leading him to depend less on others.

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A battle on a pier in Triangle Strategy

All Triangle Strategy Difficulty Modes and What They Change

About the Author

FFXIV Splits Praetorium Into Three, But Retains MSQ Roulette Sat, 05 Mar 2022 14:25:10 +0000

There is a bizarre legacy in the later encounters of Final Fantasy XIV’s original main story, which left the Camp Westwind trial, and the Castrum Meridianum and Praetorium dungeons a difficult adjustment with modern MMORPG content. As previously announced, the developers are revamping these encounters for patch 6.1, and in the last Live Letter they explained exactly what form this content will take.

Cape Westwind will no longer be an eight-player trial – instead, it will be a single-player quest battle. If you want to see it again, you’ll have to check it out in New Game Plus. Castrum Meridianum is changing from an eight-player dungeon to a more traditional four-player dungeon.

The courtroom is undergoing an even bigger change, as it is now three separate encounters. The start of the dungeon through the Battle of Gaius will now be a four-player dungeon. The Ultima Weapon battle will now be a four-player trial called The Porta Decumana. And the Lahabrea fight will now be a single-player quest battle.

Despite these changes, the devs say (translated via the FFXIV Discord) that Castrum Meridianum and Praetorium will still be available through MSQ roulette, separately from normal dungeon casters. The developers considered dropping the option, but dungeons are still longer than their normal counterparts, so they still have to provide additional rewards – which will be a bit smaller than they currently are, however.

6.1 will also see all main story content playable in single-player, thanks to support for NPCs with the trust system, now renamed the “service support” system for story encounters. Castrum Meridianum, Praetorium, and Porta Decumana will now all be playable with other players or solo with NPCs.

Check out our Live Letter 69 recap for a great breakdown of what was announced during the broadcast.

Final Fantasy XIV Complete Edition Final Fantasy XIV Complete Edition Final Fantasy XIV Complete Edition 59.99 Buy now Network N earns an affiliate commission on qualifying sales.

NMB48, Utada Hikaru, Aimer, and “ENDWALKER:FINAL FANTASY ⅩⅣ” top Oricon charts for the week of 2/21-2/27 Sat, 05 Mar 2022 04:17:31 +0000

This week, NMB48 topped the combined singles chart with her single “Koi to Ai no Sono Aida ni wa”, with 152,985 points in its first week of physical release.

Utada Hikaru topped the Combined Albums Chart with their new album “BAD Mode,” with 96,286 points in the first week.

NMB48 also topped the Single chart with “Koi to Ai no Sono Aida ni wa”, which sold 152,131 copies in its first week.

Hikaru also topped the album chart with “BAD Mode”, selling 91,102 copies in its first week.

to aim topped the digital singles chart for the second consecutive week with their single “Zankyou Sanka”, which sold 16,469 copies in its 12th week, topping the chart for the seventh non-consecutive week.

The soundtrack “ENDWALKER:FINAL FANTASY ⅩⅣ” topped the digital album chart, selling 6,392 copies in its first week.

Loving also topped the streaming chart for the fourth straight week with “Zankyou Sanka,” with 8,614,454 streams in its 12th week, topping the chart for the seventh non-consecutive week.

Individual Combined

  1. [NEW] NMB48 – Koi to Ai no Sono Aida ni wa: 152,985 points
  2. [↓1] Love – Zankyou Sanka / Asa ga Kuru: 45,842 points
  3. [↑1] Wildebeest King – Ichizu / Sakayume: 40,577 points
  4. [↑1] Yuuri – Betelgeuse: 23,483 points
  5. [NEW] Vaundy – Hadaka no Yusha: 23,148 points
  6. [-] BTS – Butter: 23,039 points
  7. [NEW] ENHPYEN – Still: 22,820 points
  8. [↓1] Saucy Dog – Cinderella Boy: 19,763 points
  9. [↓1] Macaroni Enpitsu – Nandemo nai yo: 19,648 points
  10. [NEW] predia – DRESS: 16,352 points

Combined album

  1. [NEW] Utada Hikaru – BAD Mode: 96,286 points
  2. [NEW] ALFEE – Tenchi Sozo: 35,324 points
  3. [NEW] Various Artists: ENDWALKER:FINAL FANTASY ⅩⅣ Soundtrack: 31,340 points
  4. [NEW] SUPER BEAVER – Tokyo: 22,658 points
  5. [↑x] TREASURE – The Second Stage: Chapter One: 15,827 points
  6. [↓4] Teen – Kyogen: 13,517 points
  7. [NEW] Avril Lavigne – Love Sux: 11,573 points
  8. [NEW] Suzuki Masayuki – DISCOVER JAPAN DX: 10,721 points
  9. [↓5] Yuuri–Ichi: 10,573 points
  10. [NEW] FullThrottle4 – FT4: 10,556 points


  1. [NEW] NMB48 – Koi to Ai no Sono Aida ni wa: 152,131
  2. [NEW] predia – DRESS: 16,275
  3. [NEW] BiS – DA DA DA DANCE SONG: 15,365
  4. [NEW] Various Artists – Ensemble Stars!! ES Idol Song Extra Fine & Eden: 8,452
  5. [NEW] Maybe Me – Aimai Identity/Destiny: 8,227
  6. [NEW] Vaundy–Hadaka no Yusha: 5,630
  7. [-] SEVENTEEN – Ai no Chikara: 5,514
  8. [↑x] AKB48 – Nemohamo Rumor: 5,398
  9. [NEW] BANZAI JAPAN – Afro Dynamite / Otome Gokoro: 4,831
  10. [↓4] Love – Zankyou Sanka / Asa ga Kuru: 3,898


  1. [NEW] Utada Hikaru – BAD Mode: 91,102
  2. [NEW] ALFEE – Tenchi Sozo: 35,324
  3. [NEW] Various Artists: ENDWALKER:FINAL FANTASY ⅩⅣ Soundtrack: 24,948
  4. [NEW] SUPER BEAVER – Tokyo: 20,508
  5. [↑x] TREASURE – The Second Stage: Chapter One: 13,678
  6. [NEW] Full Throttle4 – FT4: 10,004
  7. [NEW] Avril Lavigne – Love Sex: 9,882
  8. [NEW] GYROAXIS – Freestyle: 9,679
  9. [NEW] Suzuki Masayuki – DISCOVER JAPAN DX: 9,166
  10. [↓5] Teen – Kyogen: 7,529

digital single

  1. [-] Love – Zankyou Sanka: 16,469
  2. [-] YOASOBI – Mister: 9,127
  3. [NEW] Robai Gakuen Chutobu 1-nen 3-gumi – Hajimari no Setsuna: 8,174
  4. [NEW] ENHPYEN – Still: 7,979
  5. [↓2] Yonezu Kenshi – POP SONG: 7,662
  6. [↑x] AI – Aldebaran: 6,599
  7. [↓2] King Wildebeest – Sakayume: 5,434
  8. [NEW] Eden – Deep Eclipse: 4,925
  9. [↓5] Love – Asa ga Kuru: 4,851
  10. [↓4] Wildebeest King – Ichizu: 4,516

digital scrapbook

  1. [NEW] Various Artists: ENDWALKER:FINAL FANTASY ⅩⅣ Soundtrack: 6,392
  2. [↑1] Utada Hikaru – BAD Mode: 2,839
  3. [↓2] Teen – Kyogen: 1,464
  4. [NEW] Avril Lavigne – Love Sex: 1,252
  5. [NEW] Suzuki Masayuki – DISCOVER JAPAN DX: 1,139
  6. [NEW] SUPER BEAVER – Tokyo: 1,092
  7. [↓1] YOASOBI – THE BOOK 2: 831
  8. [NEW] Various artists – hem: 657
  9. [↓4] Yuuri–Ichi: 632
  10. [↓6] millet – views: 589


  1. [-] Love – Zankyou Sanka: 8,614,454
  2. [-] Yuuri – Betelgeuse: 6,585,201
  3. [NEW] ENHPYEN – Still: 5,888,314
  4. [↓1] Saucy Dog – Cinderella Boy: 5,839,904
  5. [↓1] Macaroni Enpitsu – Nandemo nai yo, : 5,708,865
  6. [↓1] King Wildebeest – Sakayume: 5,443,673
  7. [↓1] Wildebeest King – Ichizu: 5,103,454
  8. [-] Yuuri–Leo: 4,523,424
  9. [-] back number – Suiheisen: 4 461 944
  10. [↓1] Yuuri – Dry Flower: 4,310,554
Batman’s Robert Pattinson loved Aerith and Tifa from Final Fantasy 7 Thu, 03 Mar 2022 15:00:00 +0000

Batman star and would-be Final Fantasy fan Robert Pattinson recalled his first love as a gamer while promoting Matt Reeves’ film.

The Batman Robert Pattinson Final Fantasy 7 Tifa and Aerith

Long before becoming The BatmanRobert Pattinson was like many other millennials who grew up playing Final Fantasy 7 on their PlayStation, and the game seems to have left a lasting impression on the actor who recently described Aerith and Tifa as his first love.

Of course, Pattinson was also the first love of many after rising to fame through his role as Edward Cullen in the dusk saga, and even though a long time has passed, The Batman put the English actor in the same kind of spotlight he was. However, although Pattinson had some trouble finding his inner Batman at first and initial criticism of him as Bruce Wayne, public opinion has changed dramatically since the film’s premiere.


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As part of its efforts to promote The Batman ahead of its release this week, the actor reminded Clique of his early acting days with Final Fantasy and how he completely fell in love with Aerith and Tifa, much to Zoe Kravitz’s dismay. Pattinson’s conceptualization Final Fantasy 7 as a grown man seems to define the game as a love triangle between Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith. However, he might be right to call the latter’s death the watershed moment when “every guy finds out what love is.”

It’s clear that Kravitz is completely out of his comfort zone when it comes to this topic. Nonetheless, she’s able to point out the silliness in her co-star’s childhood conundrum as a simple choice between the magical girl who heals everything and the sexy one in the short skirt. In the past, Pattinson has been known to use interviews as a huge misdirection game, but this isn’t the first time he’s been mentioned. Final Fantasy or Aerith, so maybe this could be one of his most honest interviews.

The 35 year old player Final Fantasy fan wraps up the film’s press tour, and judging by early reviews and impressions in the media, it seems Pattinson has figured out his mission to The Batman. Reeves’ film had already won over audiences with its trailer, particularly for the realistic, grounded tone it aims for, which he hopes will eclipse what Christopher Nolan did with his trilogy in this regard.

It’s a mystery if Pattinson played the recent Final Fantasy 7 Remakebut unlike Reeves, who is in no rush to do The Batman next, it seems FF7 Remake Part 2 could be ready to be revealed by Square Enix later this year.

The Batman is scheduled for March 4, 2022.

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Source: fangirksociety | Twitter

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Guardians of the Galaxy is part of the March PC Game Pass arrivals Tue, 01 Mar 2022 23:27:55 +0000

At least five new games are coming to PC Game Pass in March, with more to be confirmed later in the month. The highlight is Guardians of the Galaxy, if only because it’s only five months old and still sells for $60 on Steam. It will join the service on March 10 and is apparently worth a look: our reviewer described it as “a surprisingly good time“which is a good appreciation when it comes to licensed superhero games.

Also in the barrel is Far: Changing the Tides, a contemplative post-apocalypse game about navigating a sci-fi ship through miserable lands. Launched today, it is the sequel to Far: Lone Sailsthat Andy dug in 2018.