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The Sundew is a highly developed point-and-click cyberpunk adventure game with lots of atmosphere and a good balance of puzzles.

Point-and-click adventure game is something that once seemed to be part of video game history. While the likes of The secret of monkey island and Myst Once dominated the gaming world, the genre declined rapidly as the industry turned its gaze elsewhere. Fortunately, the indie scene has allowed traditional adventure games to make a comeback, and Droséra by solo developer Agnès Vuillaume is the latest title to showcase the strengths of the genre.

Droséra is set in 2054 and revolves around Anna Isobe, a cyborg cop in Shibukawa, Japan. It’s a basic cyberpunk game, set in a dystopian future as a result of horrific warfare, and the cyborgs that were once thought to be the future of humanity have been set aside in favor of drones and more traditional robots. Nonetheless, Anna still has some very useful skills, and her investigations take her to some really dark places.

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Structurally, Droséra is an old-fashioned point-and-click adventure game. Anna walks around different places, grabbing everything she sees and talking to everyone to find solutions to logical puzzles. Fortunately, Droséra eschews those notoriously obtuse puzzles that once plagued the genre, with purposeful clarity for each element that eschews those absurd examples of the likes of the genre. The King’s Quest series.

The Sundew Balcony

This gives Droséra more possibilities to build on the basics of her point-and-click mechanics, with some decent puzzles to solve that fit well into the game’s story. Meanwhile, Anna’s cybernetic implants also play a role at times. role in the gameplay, helping to solidify the cyberpunk tone that Droséra carries throughout its execution. Sometimes the genre restrictions get a little irritating, though, and that’s partly because its larger elements show how interesting it could have been.

Visually Droséra also works well, with sprite work that is both reminiscent of adventure games of yesteryear and reminiscent of other top cyberpunk stories. What Droséra The reason is that cyberpunk can rely heavily on darkness and be really effective, with a dark palette and eerie environments. The game world looks dark, seedy, chaotic and corrupt, like those dusty moments of Blade Runner 2049, And that’s good.

It also follows on the game’s plot, which certainly matches its cyberpunk skin through nods to genre behemoths like Neuromancer. Droséra looks to automation, artificial intelligence and the impact that technological advancements will have without humanity in mind. Droséra is also a perfect length, just like another indie cyberpunk gem Disjunction it’s a relatively short experience that does all it takes and doesn’t exhaust its welcome.

The sundew statue

Fans of point-and-click adventure games will also note occasional nods to other classics in the genre’s history, in particular The secret of monkey island. Depending on the player’s enjoyment for references, this can be cute or irritating, as it can make the player go out of the moment a bit. In both cases Droséra doesn’t need to rely on pastiches from past games, as her story and charismatic main character is enough to give her momentum.

Droséra is not perfect, of course. In addition to its occasional over-reliance on references, its controls can be a bit shocking on the Switch, though it’s likely things will turn out better on PC. The quick help buttons for highlighting interactive objects are sometimes not as clear as you would expect, although any point-and-click game fan will no doubt have learned the virtue of patience before taking this game.

Globally Droséra is a strong and engaging point-and-click adventure game with a gripping storyline and strong enough puzzles for players to scratch their chin while it is running. Fans of the genre will find things to love here, and the fact that it comes from a single development team makes it all the more impressive.

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Droséra is now available on PC and Nintendo Switch. Screen Rant received a Switch download code for the purposes of this review.

Our assessment:

3.5 out of 5 (Very good)

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