Stray’s Most Unexpected Scary Moments

Stray might be a cute adventure puzzle game with a cute feline protagonist, but some surprisingly spooky moments still happen in the game.

Many people can play Wander awaits a game about a cute cat going on an adventure, and while that’s not an inaccurate description, there are unexpected scary moments throughout the game. These moments make the gameplay and story interesting, but they might surprise some players, especially when they expect Wander being about a cute cat trying to get home and make friends with robots along the way.

Wander is a third-person puzzle adventure game featuring a cat exploring an underground city with a drone companion called B-12. Together the two try to escape the city and help other robots escape as well. As the cat protagonist tries to reach the surface with his drone companion, many cute cat things can be done in Wanderbut they’re paired with a story that has more than a few moments of darkness and danger that someone would typically associate with a horror game.


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Wander takes place in a dystopian underground cyberpunk city devoid of humans, but the problems caused by humans still exist. So, it turns out that a lot of bad things still happen in the game world, and since the protagonist is a cat, there’s not much you can do to fix them. In place, WanderThe lead feline must find creative ways to cope with his harrowing experiences.

Stray’s Pipe Moment Of Doom Is One Of Her First Scares

The first unexpectedly scary moment in Wander occurs at the start of the game. When Wander begins, players first encounter a beautiful green world and four cat friends. This is the typical introductory chapter with tutorials, showing players tricks such as scratching to mark territory on Wanderits various objects. BBut then, suddenly, things take a darker turn. At one point, the cats jump a space and land on a pipe, but when it’s the protagonist’s turn to jump, the pipe breaks. It’s horrific to watch the cat fall, clinging to the edge as his friends watch him before he plummets into the darkness below. Seeing and hearing the poor cat fall, then hitting the ground far below, sets the tone for Wandershowing that it can be more harrowing and scary than players might have expected when they originally purchased the game.

Zurks & Scary Eyes In The Sewers Deliver A Twist Of Horror In Stray

Stray is about a cute cat but has some creepy moments.

Whereas Wander features a cute cat, the game has enemies called Zurks that players must avoid at various times. Missions will require the cat to walk through parts of the slums that are full of Zurks and coarse fleshy material that covers the buildings. While it might be gross, it gets even scarier in the sewers. When the cat reaches the sewers in Wander, he’ll have a weapon that will help him fight the Zurks, but that’s not the scariest thing anymore. First, there are fleshy pods filled with Zurks that explode when the cat approaches them. Walking slowly and not getting too close to the pods will prevent them from exploding. As crude as the pods and the flesh-covered walls are, the scariest things in the sewers are the giant red eyes. And those eyes will summon Zurks to attack the player. The memories in the game imply that the eyes and Zurks function as a hive mind, but B-12’s most chilling issue is the thought that the player is inside a giant organism.

Stray’s Midtown is a police state

A city with neon signs in Stray.

Midtown is the third colony full of robots in the game and the place that works best. However, it is run by a police state. Clementine wants to leave Wanderthe underground cyberpunk city of , which makes her a threat to the police. There are surveillance cameras in places to monitor citizens, while prohibiting them from specific actions. When players reach the jail part, they see what the police state does to robots that break the rules. There is evidence of torture and the revelation that some robots are reset and lose everything they are. It’s a threat all imprisoned robots fear, and adds a little more psychological horror to Wanderthe story.

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