Starfield Should Borrow From No Man’s Sky Promises


There’s still a lot players don’t know about Starfield, but the game could borrow some elements of the promises made by No Man’s Sky.

Starfield fans are eagerly awaiting more news on Bethesda’s new sci-fi RPG. While there are some features that fans can probably expect to move from other Bethesda titles to its latest IP, there are still many questions about how certain elements will work in Starfield. There is a lot of mystery surrounding how players will interact with NPCs, how combat will work, or how spaceships will work in Starfield that many enthusiastic fans are eager to learn.

Fans watch other popular sci-fi games for possible inspirations for Starfield, such as Citizen of the stars. However, Bethesda and the team working on Starfield should also be inspired by No Man’s Sky. While No Man’s Sky received a negative reaction when it was first released in 2016, since then it has received a number of fixes and big updates that have brought it closer to the original promises made by Hello Games. With the success of the game now, it is No Man’s Skythe original promises that Starfield should borrow in its development.

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Starfield should borrow from the detailed planets of No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky Prisms update art

One of the most attractive aspects of No Man’s Sky visit its immense number of planets and explore their ecosystems and species. Of course, Starfield probably won’t include the vastness No Man’s Skyof the universe, but it should certainly borrow from the game’s level of detail for each planet. We do not yet know much about Starfield, but there is a lot of potential for the game to define itself with the planets players will visit. Having each planet distinct from the others, with its own plant life, ecosystems, and animals that players can interact with, would help the game world feel bigger and more alive.

It would also help to explore in Starfield feel better, as players would be more interested in exploring each individual planet if they are distinct enough from each other. Starfield also has the opportunity to be even better in this area than No Man’s Sky promised since it will have a more limited number of handmade planets. Since the planets of No Man’s Sky are procedurally generated, there may be some repetition between them if players visit enough.

Starfield, however, can handcraft each planet to feel completely different from the others, and can give each planet more detailed touches like unique areas, interactions, or even events that players can witness. All of this might help Starfield keep its players engaged longer than they would otherwise if the planets were all made up of the same assets.

Starfield Should Borrow Promise Of A Living Universe From No Man’s Sky


Another part of No Man’s SkyThe promises that had fans so excited for its launch were its living universe. Players expected to be able to make an impact on things in the game. They expected to be able to blow up space stations, work with different factions or stumble upon ongoing battles in space and participate in air combat. . Going through events or being able to really leave an impact on the galaxy would fit right into Starfield. Not only could this have a significant impact on the player’s relationship with Starfieldfrom various factions, but it would also help make the galaxy more alive and give the player more to do than just playing quests.

The events and living aspects of the world could also be easily developed in Starfield. A player’s actions could have sprawling impacts and consequences on the world and characters more than is possible in No Man’s Sky. A player stepping into a space battle could turn the tides of a galactic war while stopping to help a stranded NPC could give players a unique spaceship part or weapon. These options would all help reward players for exploring the world while still allowing them to gain personal upgrades to their gear or spaceships in the world. Starfield.

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Starfield has yet to differentiate itself from No Man’s Sky

starfield pilot seen from behind

With as much as Starfield should borrow from No Man’s Skypromises, it should also take steps to ensure that it retains its own identity and stands out from No Man’s Sky. One of the main ways to do this is to Starfield to adopt role-playing and give players many choices and different approaches to the game. Expanding features such as dialogue trees with skill-based options, a variety of combat approaches and quest lines branched will help you Starfield stand out and become something really special. It would also go a long way in helping players want to replay the game more so that they can explore all the options and see how differently the game can be played.

Another way that Starfield can differ from No Man’s Sky is also introducing new features. To do this Starfield could draw inspiration from other Bethesda titles to draw inspiration from mechanics like Followers, Faction Questlines, and fill its world with an intricately detailed universe and lore. These characteristics will probably make it Starfield because the features have been so popular in previous Bethesda titles. Starfield focusing on keeping Bethesda fans happy could also be helpful in helping Bethesda fans while they wait Elder Scrolls 6 and a new one Fall Title.

Of course, it’s unclear what players should expect from Starfield until Bethesda releases more information on its new RPG. Until then, there are many different sources of inspiration that the developers could draw inspiration from. Whether Starfield taken from Blade runner or Halo, it will be very interesting to see what the studio does with its new sci-fi set and what other games or properties it takes inspiration from. The game undeniably has a lot of potential, and it could be a really big release for Bethesda and Xbox. Hopefully players won’t have to wait any longer to find out more about Starfield ahead of its release later this year.

Starfield releases November 22, 2022 for PC and Xbox Series X / S.

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