Star Wars will have a new role-playing game

Following Star wars tabletop role-playing games are on the way. Edge Studios, a tabletop role-playing game studio created by Asmodee, has announced that it is now officially licensed to Star Wars role-playing game. Edge Studios has announced that they will explore “some of the many eras of Star Wars” and continue the legacy started by studio Asmodee Fantasy Flight Games, which has launched a series of Star wars role-playing games in 2013. Edge Studios RPG director Sam Gregor-Stewart was the former lead developer of Star Wars: Edge of the Empire.

In a press release, Edge Studios confirmed that the license means new games and products are on the way. “We are really excited about the opportunity to work on one of the world’s most beloved IPs,” said Gille Garnier, Head of Edge Studios, in the press release. “We want to follow in the footsteps of FFG’s fantastic work over the years while bringing our own vision of what a Star wars The RPG should be. ”

Gregor-Stewart also hinted at the possibility of a new game, stating “I loved my time working on the game. [Star Wars] lines of play Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, and Strength and Destiny. Now with Edge I am so excited to have the chance to try something new! ”

As part of the license agreement, Edge also endeavors to ensure that reprints of Star wars role-playing would still be available to fans. Edge said fans should follow them on social media for more updates on potential reprints of older games.

The news that a new Star wars The RPG is in the works should be a relief for fans of the franchise. Last February, Fantasy Flight Games announced that it had canceled its entire RPG lineup, including the Star wars Games. While Edge Studios was created by Asmodee to fill this gap, they had not commented on any projects for the Star Wars line. It should be noted that Edge Studios also recently announced its intention to release a 5E version of Legends of the five rings, a different tabletop RPG released by Fantasy Flight Games.

Expect to hear more details on a Star wars RPG in the not too distant future.

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