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Solo players can travel to multiple planets to participate in short or long 2+ Heroic Missions in Star Wars: The Old Republic in order to earn XP and Credits.

In Star Wars: The Old Republic, players have access to a variety of different missions and story content, with more to come in the next Legacy of the Sith extension in December. Of these, Alliance quests require players to complete Heroic 2+ Daily Missions to earn Alliance Crates and strengthen their forces. As each side has over 60 Heroic Missions across 17 planets, knowing what to prioritize can be a challenge for solo players who wish to keep the difficulty down. This guide will explain which two planets are the fastest to complete and which take the longest so players can start saving the galaxy again sooner.

Heroic acts that take place on the starting planets are not included, as they are only accessible to classes that start there. Planets that contain four or fewer Heroic Missions have also not been included to limit the number of times the player should move to another planet. This guide prioritizes completing main missions over bonus missions, as bonus missions have less rewards and XP.

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Overall, the difficulty of soloing any Heroic 2+ will depend on the player’s gear and their companion’s level of influence. As long as the player has gear rated above the Heroic’s suggested level and a companion set to prioritize healing, soloing the fastest Daily Heroics can be a great way to farm XP, Alliance credits and coffers. This way the player will have more time to explore the world of SWTOR and the activities it offers.

Fastest and Longest Star Wars: The Old Republic Heroics

Group combat in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Heroism of the Republic

For Republic players, the fastest planets to complete all heroes are Balmorra and Belsavis. Each of these planets’ heroic missions tend to be grouped together or appear in small dungeons that only the player has access to. On Balmorra, multiple heroes and their bonus missions can be completed simultaneously. On Belsavis, although the enemies are significantly tougher, with several NPCs rated elite and champion, they appear in smaller numbers and can be bypassed if the player is stealthy.

The heroes Republic players should avoid to save time are those of Alderaan and Hoth. While each of these planets has a long list of missions the player can take on, the time each mission takes is lengthened by the size of the dungeons, the number of stages, and the difficulty of the enemies. Several of Hoth’s heroes are open to all players rather than spawning as individual dungeons, which can make it difficult to collect quest materials when players have to wait for particular enemies to respawn. On Alderaan, the bulk of the quests take place around the Killik Hives, which are either scattered or very narrow. The areas are mostly filled with elite level enemies who will respawn and need to be defeated more than once.

Star Wars: The Old Republic characters

Heroism of the Empire

Like its Republic counterparts, Belsavis’s heroes of the Empire mostly take place in small dungeons that only the player has access to, where evading enemies is aided by stealth. These traits also apply to a number of Tatooine Heroics, with the open map quests populated by lower level enemies. Plus, some of Tatooine’s heroes add value with some entertaining but short cutscenes.

The heroes of the Hoth and Taris Empire have the same characteristics that make them more difficult and time consuming. They are located in open spaces on the map where the player will likely have to wait for enemies from the quest to respawn. In addition, the ruins of Taris have several levels that the player will have to go through and possibly go back if they are in the wrong place.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic is available on PC.

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