Square Enix Reveals Beautiful Aerith Remake Dress from Final Fantasy VII Play Arts Kai and Static Art Figures; Both available for pre-order


Square Enix has unveiled 2 new pieces of merchandise joining its ever-growing line of well-designed figurines. Figures this time include Aerith’s Final Fantasy VII remake in the best dress she could wear during the Wall Market chapter.

The first of these figures is of the Static Arts variety and, as the name suggests, consists of Aerith standing in a singular pose that cannot be changed. And the second figure is a Play Arts Kai which contains varying facial expressions, hand angles, etc. Interestingly enough, the Play Arts Kai figure costs less than the one from Static Arts. I’m not sure if this is the norm or not, but given that the Play Arts Kai has a more varied expression, I would expect it to cost more.

Anyway, the Final Fantasy VII remake The Static Arts Aerith Gainsborough Dress Version figure can be pre-ordered from the Square Enix store for $ 179.99, and the Play Arts Kai Aerith Gainsborough Dress version can be pre-ordered from the Square Enix store for $ 154.99. Various images of the two figures are also provided.

In addition, these two figures will be released in June 2022. However, no specific date has been provided outside of this window.

Hopefully Tifa gets numbers for that same treatment in the future.


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