Square Enix Announces Final Fantasy 7 25th Anniversary Showcase

It will feature new information about The First Soldier as well as some very special guest stars.

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by Square Enix

Video game birthdays have been coming to us faster and faster, pretty much ever since Mario turned 35 a few years ago. Sonic’s 30th anniversary followed, as did Donkey Kong’s 40th, and Pokemon did just about everything it could think of to mark 25 years since its very first games launched. It turns out that 2022 could also be a pretty busy year for video game birthdays.

First up is Final Fantasy 7. What might just be the most iconic game in the long-running series turns 25 this year. In fact, he will turn 25 just four days from now on January 31. Unlike Nintendo who let DK and Zelda’s birthdays pass with barely a mention, Square Enix is ​​actually planning to mark the occasion by hosting a celebratory show that will include a few very special guests.

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Artist Tetsuya Nomura and director Yoshinori will both be part of the show next week. As for what will be included, the announcement suggests the focus will be on The First Soldier. The mobile game based on the FF7 universe launched last year, and next week’s celebration may well reveal the first details about its immediate future and more than likely something about season two.

Hopefully the broadcast will include information on more than just mobile gaming. The FF7 universe has opened up in a major way over the past few years. Not just by The First Soldier, but also by Ever Crisis and, of course, Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Fingers crossed, we’ll get a first look at Part 2 next week, though it still seems a bit early for that at this point.

If you want to experience FF7’s 25th anniversary celebration in real time, it will likely be streamed via Square Enix’s YouTube channel. The broadcast will begin at 7 p.m. JST on January 31, so 5 a.m. EST for those of you on the east coast of the United States. Keep in mind that it’s been dubbed a First Soldier show, so don’t get your hopes up for too much more news.

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