Soul Hackers 2 Summoner’s Guide Vol. 2 details on relationships with Milady’s characters, exploring dungeons and recognizing demons; Captions in English

Atlus has released a new trailer for its upcoming turn-based JRPG, Soul Hackers 2, providing the second summoner’s guide with English subtitles. This summarizes a variety of new story and character information.

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An entity known as Aion predicted the destruction of the world, with alliances, five sources of spiritual energy being the innate collective cause. These contracts are manifestations of humanity’s contact with God, with “The Great” believed to descend once the five sources have united. A group titled the Phantom Society seeks to summon the Great, with their leader, Iron Mask, leading the charge.

Ringo then goes into detail regarding party member Milady, a member of the aforementioned Phantom Society. Interestingly, Milady is the second person Ringo has revived to join his party. She is down-to-earth and shuts down her true thoughts on various issues, with her past playing a large part in this self-induced repression. Finally, as perhaps one of the larger themes this game will address, Ringo points out that the plot of human experiences is akin to data and the irony of the strains they can place on someone.

Moving on, Milady has frequent fights with fellow Arrow party member, who was the focus of the initial Summoner’s Guide video. Still, she manages to get along pretty well with everyone. The Phantom Society member mentioned earlier, Iron Mask was supposed to be romantically involved with Milady, but he ordered a subordinate, RS, to assassinate her for currently undisclosed reasons. With humor, RS communicates through freestyle rapping, which is, um, definitely something.

In the areas of combat, Milady excels in fire-centric skills and physical strikes. Additionally, Ringo teases an ability to recover MP by defeating enemies.

After the Milady news dump and specific aspects of the overall story premise, Ringo details how dungeon crawling will work in this sequel. Similar to the Personage games and recently released games Shin Megami Tensei V, players can advantageously enter battles via interactions on the world. However, the reverse can happen when enemies get the upper hand. Additionally, if you initiate a fight with a downed enemy, encounters will begin with the entire party dealing damage to tip the scales in your favor.

One of the standout features that will help gamers tremendously is Demon Recon. Upon entering a dungeon, Ringo sends an array of demons to explore the location, and they can be found while exploring. They can provide players with free items, healing, and introductions to other nearby demons. Additionally, of course, demons can be recruited, affecting the skills, affinities, and stats of party members.

Finally, if you reside in Tokyo, Japan, a hands-on event with Soul Hackers will take place between June 4, 2022 and June 5, 2022. The game’s website will have more information about this opportunity.

A character render for the newly revealed character RS ​​has been provided via the official site, viewable below:

The Soul Pirates 2 26

You can view the Soul Hackers 2 Summoner’s Guide Vol. 2 via the official Atlus Japan Youtube channel below:

Soul Hackers 2 will be released on August 26, 2022 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Check the official website for more information.

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