SMART GIRL: Fernando Dagnino compares his new graphic novel to his work on BLADE RUNNER: ORIGINS (Exclusive)


A multitude of mediums have been inspired by the cyberpunk aesthetic that Blade runner introduced to the genre of science fiction. In addition to the countless Blade runner spinoff projects that are regularly delivered to fans, many other franchises have built their stories around a world similar to the one introduced in the sci-fi epic.

A comic strip that draws a lot of inspiration from Blade runner is that of Fernando Dagnino Clever girl, which came out this week from Titan Comics. Originally published in French and later translated into Spanish, this is the first English version of the graphic novel.

The creator, Fernando Dagnino, is also working on Blade Runner: Origins, which is a title published monthly also under the Titan Comics banner. So when we got a chance to talk with him about his extensive cyberpunk storytelling, we wanted to know which one was first.

In our audio interview below, you can hear Dagnino explain his interesting experience working on a project inspired by Blade runner before working on the title itself. We’ve included this part of the transcript as well, but those looking for a fully immersive video interview can find it by scrolling down.

Fernando Dagnino: Right now I’m doing Blade Runner: Origins for Titan Comics. I made Smart Girl like three years ago now, it was published in France and then in Spain. So I like to think I got the job because they liked the cyberpunk vibe I gave to Smart Girl, which of course paid homage to Blade Runner. So it makes sense for me to do Blade Runner now. I go back to the origin of the source.

There is a slight symbolism with the 80s of the 21st century. It’s a tribute to the fact that Blade Runner and that kind of cyberpunk vibe was created in almost the 80s of the 21st century. So that’s sort of what the company will look like 100 years from now and of course paying homage.

When I started Blade Runner, I was already familiar with the cyberpunk environment. But the series I’m working on is Blade Runner: Origins and it’s set ten years before the original movie, which is 2009. The way they asked me to represent the Los Angeles of this moment- that was to reduce the amount of technology and make it more black-based, more policeman.

So I would say in this case I had to reduce the level of technology and the skyscrapers on the streets, and there were no holograms at that time. So it was just a question of toning down the tech and improving the dark, black and white detective story genre.

What do you think of these comments from Clever girl and Blade Runner: Origins cartoon creator Fernando Dagnino? Watch the full video interview below and be sure to share your thoughts in the usual place!

In this interview, I chat with Spanish artist Fernando Dagnino Guerra, known professionally as Fernando Dagnino. We’re discussing her brand new graphic novel, Smart Girl, which released this week from Titan Comics.

Smart Girl was first published in French and then in Spanish before being translated into English, and this is the first time that the comic will be accessible to such a large audience. We discussed what could have been lost in the translation between the old and the new version and how the dialogue has been revised to make the dialect sound more like American English.

Fernando is also managing the Blade Runner: Origins project from Titan Comics, and we’re talking about how he came full circle because the project was a huge influence and inspiration on Smart Girl, to begin with. He explains a lot about the terms used in the book and where they come from, as well as why he chose the words he coined.

As Fernando also worked under the DC Comics banner, we discussed his time with the publisher and why he chose to branch out to write his own stories. He also gave us a preview of the thriller he will be releasing next year called Winter Queen. It was a great time, and we hope you enjoy it!

Clever girl is now on sale at Titan Comics.


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