Six Final Fantasy games are remastered on mobile and PC


Final Fantasy 1-6 gets “pixel remasters” on PC and mobile devices.

Earlier today, on June 13, Square Enix’s presentation at E3 2021 took place. After focusing on Eidos Montreal’s new Guardians of the Galaxy game, Square Enix revealed that six classic Final Fantasy games are being remastered for PC and mobile devices, revamping them for an all-new re-release.

Final Fantasy 1-6 receives what Square Enix has dubbed “pixel remasters”. While we’re not sure exactly what that means at the moment, it could indicate that Square Enix is ​​tweaking the pixel visuals for the first six games in the Final Fantasy franchise, essentially giving them a more modern look.

It’s a nice touch, especially for the hordes of Final Fantasy fans who have never experienced some of the oldest games in the legendary franchise. Currently, pixel remasters of the first six Final Fantasy games do not have a release date, apart from the “coming soon” window, which could be a release date at some point later. this year. These six remasters are definitely one to watch if you’ve always wanted to see what you missed near the debut of the iconic Square Enix franchise.

You might recall that speculation about new Final Fantasy mobile games started to take over last week. Square Enix has updated some of the older Final Fantasy games on mobile, hinting that HD remasters of them are in the works, and now that speculation has borne fruit.

Elsewhere in the presentation, Eidos Montreal’s Guardians of the Galaxy game opened the show and essentially stole the show from there. The new game is a narrative, single-player experience, marking a stark contrast to Marvel’s Avengers, and you can only play as Star Lord, aka Peter Quill. Additionally, other games like Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier, the Legend of Mana remake and many more have been featured as part of Square Enix’s look to the future.

For a full guide to all of what’s happening over the next few days for E3 2021, head over to our Calendar E3 2021 guide to learn more.


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