Shadowrun Trilogy Best Ranged Weapons

Considering how the Shadowrun Trilogy allows players to mix both firearms and magic to battle various threats within the cyberpunk fantasy setting of the world, it makes sense for characters in the shadow run universe to have an always reliable firearm to use from a distance. After all, firearms are readily available in the shadow run universe, and they often come with different varieties that significantly alter how a player can approach the battlefield.

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However, not all firearms are created equal in the Shadowrun Trilogy. Similar to guns in other games, some ranged weapons in each shadow run game just outdo others. And not to mention that some seemingly mundane weapons in the title can outshine others with incredible stats hiding behind their simplistic nature.

Best ranged weapons in Shadowrun Returns

Being the first game in the return of the cyberpunk franchise, Return of Shadowrun has a rather flexible arsenal of weapons for its shadowrunners. In keeping with its blend of cyber detective and spellcasting, ranged weapons suit players of various combat preferences, similar to other cyberpunk RPGs like cyberpunk.

Ruger Thunderbolt (Pistol)

  • Base Damage: 14
  • Action cost: 1
  • Magazine size/recharge cost: 12/AP 1

One of the most reliable ranged weapons in the world Return of Shadowrun title is the Pistol, especially given its reliable mid-range accuracy. Additionally, obtaining Pistol 4 will allow players to reload at the cost of 0AP, allowing them to engage more intensely in fiercer combat.

Boasting the appearance of a rather ordinary pistol, the Ruger Thunderbolt is the Lone Star’s favorite heavy gun. Compared to the bulkier Colt Manhunter, the Ruger features a dedicated burst fire mode, allowing players to hit enemies multiple times with less AP pressure. With 14 base damage, the Ruger Thunderbolt can easily press through most minions.

Heckler & Koch HK227 (submachine gun)

  • Base Damage: 12
  • Action cost: 1
  • Magazine size/recharge cost: 24/AP 1

Despite the SMG specialization containing the fewest abilities in Return of Shadowrun, they offer the best mid-range accuracy. Additionally, they fire two shots per attack which have individual damage calculations, despite being registered as a single shot. Given the firepower of Heckler & Koch HK227, this feature is rather a boon, especially for races in the shadow run game that excels in ranged combat.

This perhaps explains why this SMG is a favorite firearm for both security and shadowrunners alike, as its 24 base damage 12 mag size could deal at least 24 damage in a single round – and it’s only thanks to this ranged weapon.

Ares Alpha (assault rifle)

  • Base Damage: 16
  • Action cost: 1
  • Magazine size/recharge cost: 38/AP 1

The best weapon with the longest range of Return of Shadowrun is the assault rifle, and the Ares Alpha takes the cake for being a juggernaut in terms of stats. Boasting 16 base damage and a whopping 38 magazine size, it’s no wonder the Ares Alpha is considered a mid to late game staple. fire make it something to own for ranged builds.

Best ranged weapons in Shadowrun: Dragonfall

Start as DLC before evolving into its own shadow run hall, Shadowrun: Dragonfall carries the same arsenal as the original game but also features a few new additions. Of these new weapons, the most notable are specialized subtypes, such as sniper rifles and machine guns, which further diversify players’ combat options.

Defiance T-250 (Shotgun)

  • Base Damage: 22
  • Action cost: 1
  • Magazine Size/Recharge Cost: 5/AP 1

Considering how much firepower a shotgun has, it makes sense that one of their best perks would include the chance to hit adjacent targets. And given their close-range strength, it makes sense that the The T-250 challenge is such a threat to behold.

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Considered the more powerful shotgun of the two Return of Shadowrun and in the original dragon fall DLC, this packs a fairly heavy punch for 22 base damage. Due to its strength in close quarters, it is a good weapon to punish those who think they can encroach on anyone’s property.

Ranger Arms SM-3 (sniper rifle)

  • Base Damage: 20
  • Armor damage: 1
  • Action cost: 1
  • Magazine size/recharge cost: 6/AP 1

The Sniper Rifle is a new rifle subclass introduced in dragon fall, excelling in a much better range compared to the traditional rifle. Although they hit much harder than the regular rifle, they have lower magazine sizes and a lack of burst fire, making them suitable for characters who want to stay in the clear over longer ranges.

This may explain why the SM-3 Ranger Weapons is a mammoth to behold from such a distance, especially in the hands of a shrewd machine-gunner caster who wants to cast one spell after another but resort to an equally powerful gun in the worst of situations.

Minigun Vindicator (Machine Gun)

  • Base Damage: 20
  • Action cost: 2
  • Magazine size/recharge cost: 30/AP 2

One of the new weapon types introduced in dragon fall, the machine gun specializes in destruction with its firepower, large ammo, and fully automatic and burst modes. Although their weight means having another Strength requirement to carry, they still apply the Rifle specialization when it comes to their access to abilities.

In terms of specifics, the Minigun Vindicator easily takes the case as the best machine gun in the shadow run title due to its extreme 20 base damage and massive 30 ammo capacity. However, it costs 2 AP to use and 2 AP to recharge, which helps balance out the sheer power this weapon possesses.

Best ranged weapons in Shadowrun: Hong Kong

With Shadowrun: Hong Kong being perhaps the most intense through the games of the shadow run trilogy, it makes sense that the game would provide a host of new weapon options for players to use. This is especially noticeable with its arsenal of ranged weapons, in which more powerful versions of certain weapons are introduced, especially suitable for taking out the toughest enemies in the game.

Nemesis Arms Gryojet Pistol (Pistol)

  • Base Damage: 18
  • Action cost: 1
  • Magazine Size/Recharge Cost: 5/AP 1

It’s not all the time that a pistol can boast nearly the same firepower as a basic rifle, but the Nemesis Arms Gryojet Pistol. As if propelled by air, its 14mm rocket cartridges can pierce enemies at longer ranges.​​​​​

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And with its 18 base damage and the ability to generate 0 AP reload cost with Pistol 4, this gun easily becomes a nifty long-range companion for any shadow run Class despite its lightness. Through the new weapons of the Shadowrun: Hong Kong RPG, this easily becomes a major asset for long-range builds.

Enfield AS-7 (shotgun)

  • Base Damage: 18
  • Action cost: 1
  • Magazine Size/Recharge Cost: 5/AP 1

While it’s true that the Defiance T-250 is the best shotgun in terms of firepower, there’s no denying that an effective firearm might be a more practical choice in most situations. Such is the case of the Enfield AS-7a shotgun that has a burst fire option, technically making it an assault rifle.

Boasting 18 base damage with an ammo size of 10, this is a rather more stocked option compared to the Defiance. Additionally, its two damage difference is a valid consequence for thrifty players, as this weapon only costs 2500 credits compared to the Defiance’s 3500 credit cost.

Ares HVAR (assault rifle)

  • Base Damage: 14
  • Action cost: 1
  • Magazine size/recharge cost: 56/AP 1

In the Shadowrun: Hong Kong cyberpunk game, the Ares Alpha is rendered obsolete with the newer, more improved Ares HVAR model, this time featuring a higher velocity cannon. With that in mind, the weapon features a much higher rate of fire, giving players two extra attacks in the already powerful full-auto and burst modes.

However, players do receive a setback in the form of the removal of aiming and single-shot options with this rifle. Either way, such a consideration might be worth it, as the weapon has a large 56-round magazine, making it ideal for longer, more intense forays.

Prototype sniping laser (sniper rifle)

  • Base Damage: 20
  • Armor damage: 3
  • Action cost: 1
  • Magazine Size/Recharge Cost: 5/AP 1

Although the Ranger Arms is probably the best sniper rifle in Shadowrun: Hong Kong in terms of stats, its competitor Prototype sniper laser is probably the most ideal option for most gamers in the later part of this cyberpunk RPG’s story.

Besides being 1000 credits less than the old one, the Prototype Sniping Laser can also pierce up to 2 armor, making it a pretty nifty companion against the toughest monsters and bosses. If players can push past its 3 ammo limit and persevere through reloads, the laser sniping prototype can easily be a beast to behold in long-range situations.

The Shadowrun Trilogy The remastered edition arrived on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4 and PS5 on June 21, 2022.

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