Series Announcement: Quests Outside of Vault Comics

Always Sunny in Philadelphia meets Dungeons and Dragons in “Quests Aside,” an all-new fantasy series from Vault Comics.

Warning! Spoiler for Side quests #1 by Vault Comics below

Dungeons and Dragons meet Philadelphia is always sunny in Side quests, an all-new fantasy series from Vault Comics. Editor’s new series from Brian Schirmer, Elena Gogou, Rebecca Nalty and Tim Daniel will feature an eclectic set, including a skeleton, an apprentice mage and an exiled princess working at the watering hole, where the king of the kingdom is. . threatening to shut it down. The hilarious series will turn the fantasy genre upside down.

Vault Comics is home to some of the most critically acclaimed comic book stories. The independent publisher has partnered with rising voices in the industry and created several books that have captured the attention of the comic world. Among their best titles are Barbaric by Michael Moreci and Nathan C. Gooden, blue flame by Christopher Cantwell and Adam Gorham, Pagan by Natasha Alterici and Ashley A. Woods, These wild shores by Ram V and Sumit Kumar, and Reactor by Donny Cates and Dylan Burnett. Now Vault Comics is stepping into the fantasy genre again for a new series, Side quests.


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Side quests by Brian Schirmer (Black Jack Ketchum), Elena Gogou (Campfire Stories), Rebecca Nalty (Star Wars: The Adventures of the High Republic), and Tim Daniel is a Vault Comics series featuring a unique cast of characters. Barrow is a legendary former adventurer who retired to run the watering hole. Among the Quests Aside staff are a skeleton, an apprentice mage, and an exiled princess. The team will fight to save the company once the king plans to shut it down. The story will see the unlikely family work together to keep the lights on at Quests Aside. Check out the series covers from Gogou and Michael Dialynas, plus a sneak peek showing a rock-off between musicians outside the bar.

Check out the official synopsis for the series.

A skeleton, an apprentice mage and an exiled princess walk into a bar…for another shift at Quests Next to, the local watering hole run by once-legendary adventurer, now retired, Barrow.

When the King privately explains that he plans to close the place, Barrow must find a way to keep his business and the family he has built around it.

It’s always sunny in the kingdoms!

Writer Brian Schirmer said he wanted to write a story about family that was also fun and sometimes absurd.

I’ve always loved stories about the thief who wants to take One Last Score, or the outlaw who has to take One Last Ride. Their eyes are often set on retirement afterwards. Usually things don’t go as planned. We take this conceit to a fantasy realm, where a legendary adventurer has already managed to take One Last Quest, opened a tavern, and retired. This is where we start.

With a cast of bartenders, waiters and a skeleton cook, Quests Aside – the series and the tavern itself – also features a steady stream of colorful characters heading out to slay a dragon or returning with treasure, a few scratches. and stories to tell. We liken it to high fantasy Cheers Where The weather is always good.

I wanted to write about friendship and (found) family, and the efforts we will go to to protect, preserve, and (sometimes) exploit these relationships. I also wanted it to be fun, funny and sometimes absurd.

Elena Gogou said she wanted to draw the book to be familiar yet unique while discussing what inspired it Separate quests art.

In the world of Quests Aside, you can have your adventures of old who did epic quests in their youth, but you’ll also get heralds with three-necked electric guitars, orc comedians, and 20-year-old apprentice mages with anxiety. There are no rules. I love this kind of fantasy, the one that takes more traditional fantasy elements and flips them on their head. When designing the world and the characters, I tried to follow the same principle. I wanted the book to look like you’ve seen before, but with a unique twist. For this, I drew a lot of inspiration from Greek culture, among others. From the character’s appearance and clothing to musical instruments and board games, you’ll notice them playing in the background. I wanted to create a truly rich, interesting and fun world and I can’t wait for Brian and I to share this story with you.

For readers who want to discover Side quests, the Vault Comics series hits comic book stores on April 27, 2022.

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