‘Sable’ developers reveal surprising RPG influences from the game’s open world

Sable is much more than The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild clone.

While the similarities between the indie game from indie developer Shedworks and Nintendo’s monumental Legend of Zelda are glaring at first glance, it’s not the only game SableThe developer turned to inspiration. They’ve analyzed a variety of open-world RPGs to understand why they’ve become such an explosive trend over the past decade.

One of those games was the division of Square Enix Final Fantasy XV.

“We were really inspired by the vibe of the open world parts of Final Fantasy XV where you drive on a road trip with your friends, ”said Creative Director Gregorios Kythreotis Reverse. “I think Final Fantasy XV actually becomes a weaker draft when it starts to shrink.

Sable is at its best when game systems come together to tell a story as gripping as its cutscenes. Combine that with a distinct visual aesthetic, fantastic soundtrack, and relevant themes, and you’ve got one of the most standout indie games of 2021.

We spoke to Kythreotis and CTO Daniel Fineberg to learn more about the game’s creation and the Sablethe surprising influences of – which unexpectedly include the shape of a lemon – and how these influences allowed them to create a super ambitious game with a small team.

When life gives you lemons …

Development on Sable started in 2017, at the time Breath of the wild has been freed. But the idea of Sable goes back much further. Fineberg notes that Breath of the wildThe success of Shedworks simply asserted that the idea of ​​Shedworks was something special.

“We had the idea for the game before, but Breath of the wild proved that these ideas were viable and that people would appreciate them, ”he said. “It was a framework for how you successfully give players so much freedom.”

Fineberg believed that open-world video games were all “Assassin’s Creed-oriented” with checklist-like gameplay that lacked in wonder. The structure of Sable Directly challenges the gender norms that almost everyone in the video game industry except Nintendo follows to deliver a more gamer-centric experience.

The two Breath of the wild and Sable Start with tutorial sections that confine you to one area of ​​the map before completing the opening, then moving closer to a location for the finale. Kythreotis calls this idea the “lemon structure” because there is a sharp start and end but a middle with a much looser structure.

To refine the inner pulp of this lemon, Shedworks turned to RPG games like Shadow of the colossus and Final Fantasy XV. Shedworks credits the nudity of Sableof the world – or at least parts of it – for Shadow of the colossus. Kythreotis plans to drive with Noctis and his friends in Final Fantasy XV as the highlight of the game.

“We liked the vibe of these games and the way they use open world design to create specific narratives,” said Creative Direct Gregorios Kythreotis. Reverse. “We tried to create a game with a specific narrative about self-discovery and exploring a world you don’t know. We wanted to use the systems and frameworks of an open world to tell this story using similar techniques.

Breath of the wild, shadow of the colossus, and the open world sections of Final Fantasy XV give players the tools to stimulate their own curiosity and explore the world at their fingertips. Sable has the right formula, making it the latest open world game to get a unique player first feel.

… make lemonade

This type of open world game design not only gives the player more freedom, but it is also a boon to the development process.

“In order for us to be able to create an open world game, we needed an approach that allowed us to be a little more flexible with the structure,” says Fineberg. “You just don’t know how long it’s going to take to do it all, and you don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you create all this map and this story and then only have time to do a quarter of the stuff.” . you planned.

Final Fantasy XVthe relaxing road trip segments had a surprising influence on Sable. Square Enix

Games like Far cry 6 and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla have hundreds of developers who have been working for several years. The small team of Sable was only four years old to create the entire game (it was originally supposed to take half the time), so it was helpful to focus this vast experience on a coming-of-age story where anything can happen.

“The structure of the game meant we could plan 20 locations, finish with five, and know the game wouldn’t fall apart because it’s a series of short stories that are not linked or interdependent,” explains Kythreotis.

Shedworks has delivered over five locations, making the pulp of this lemon even sweeter. That said, Kythreotis admits that this structure can be precarious as it is not for all players.

“It’s a big risk when you give the player a lot of control and confidence,” he explains. “If they choose to go to the other side of the map, then you just have to try to embrace their experience of the game and hope that for every player you lose you will find someone else. with whom it resonates. “

Sand, Breath of the Wild, Shadow of Colossus, and Final Fantasy XV all of them took daring risks with their structure, hoping that the game would provide each player with a unique experience. That’s why they’re all some of the most memorable open world games of all time, even if Shedworks didn’t know it. Sable would meet this horizontal bar until it was finally in the hands of the players.

“We thought we liked it, but it’s hard to say with a game like this because it’s so based on first impressions and how someone feels when they encounter something that makes them feel good. surprises, “says Kythreotis. “Sable stopped surprising us a long time ago, so to see how it really resonates with some people is amazing.

Sable is now available for PC, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One.

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