RPG duo battle as Elden Ring bosses in PvP

Among the large number of Elden Ring bosses to be found in FromSoftware’s vast open world are several powerful pairings, and now a role-playing duo have taken it upon themselves to bring these tag teams into the PvP battles of the RPG game. The pair have already adopted battle-based builds from the Godskin duo and the Crucible Knight duo, and they go so far as to limit themselves to moves used by the enemies themselves.

User Mini_B3ast first posted a fight cosplaying and acting as the Godskin duo on the Elden Ring subreddit on June 18, and followed it up with a scrap as Crucible Knights Ordovis and Siluria after a positive reception at first. . Fundamentally, though, it’s not just about donning armor and calling it a day – both players do their best to ensure a fun and fair fight for their outnumbered opponent.

Instead of both diving simultaneously, the pair attack in rhythmic waves, leaving a few moments of pause between attacks. They also stick to the movements of the original enemies (or their closest equivalents) and do not run or dodge. In fact, they can’t – Mini_B3ast notes that they and their partner equip multiple heavy weapons in their stash slots to allow themselves to be overloaded, in an effort to better replicate real world boss fights.

Similarly, Mini_B3ast also resolves higher damage dealt by players compared to AI opponents. “We decided to change all our talismans and physics to improve our defense, instead of our damage,” explains the cosplayer. “The defense would allow the fight to last longer without being completely unbalanced, and less damage would make it fairer for the opponent. The fights lasted about a good two minutes, and usually the opponent ended up being the winner, as we expected.

A noble pursuit indeed, and a true dedication to the art of role-playing. This happens too – as their fight as the Godskin duo ends in victory for the pair, their time as the Crucible Knights falls to a fine parrying shield from their opponent. A good skill point, and certainly accurate for one of the most popular strategies against true knights in the Trial.

Everyone seemed to really like our Godskin Duo RP, so we present to you: Ordovis + Siluria! Well done Xanthous, well done. from Eldenring

A commentator asks about healing – something that’s often discouraged or avoided in staged duels, but integral to real world boss fights. “We definitely allow healing,” Mini_B3ast replies, “it’s just hard to let the opponent know it’s okay. If the opponent doesn’t heal, we try to use some of our weaker attacks for us make sure he doesn’t get shot.

The pair’s commitment to the bit is certainly admirable, and the subreddit community seems to agree – with many users admiring their approach, or sharing stories of their own adventures acting as enemy NPCs or early bosses such as Godrick’s Soldier. The antics of this particular duo remind us that playing games online can be so much more than pure single-purpose competition. As Mini_B3ast says, “The goal isn’t necessarily to win, but to have fun and accurate RP for everyone involved!”

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