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Under the leadership of game master Matt Ross-Jones, a new Dungeons & Dragons group for adults 18 and older will meet monthly at the Rodman Public Library in Alliance.

“It’s open to anyone interested” Ross-Jones said. “You can be an experienced player or you can be new to the game. You just need to have an interest in learning and playing Dungeons & Dragons.

The club plans to meet from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. every first Wednesday of the month in the main library conference room. The first meeting is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 6. Pizzas and drinks will be provided as well as all equipment, such as dice, paper and pencils.

Ross-Jones noted that his ideal D&D squad consists of six players. However, if there are more people interested in being a part of the party, he is ready to handle that and is ready to recruit a second Gamemaster to assist him.

Ross-Jones has been playing Dungeons & Dragons seriously for about five years. He says it feels a lot longer, however, due to his involvement in tabletop role-playing.

“I’ve been interested in it for a while” Ross-Jones explained. “I started watching ‘Critical Role’ and it really started. Once game streaming became more prevalent, the popularity of role-playing games just exploded.

Ross-Jones visited Reddit to find a group and now runs this game. In total, he is part of three virtual role-playing groups, including one based on “Star Wars” and one based on “The Lord of the Rings.” He also played “Warhammer”.

As for the Rodman Library group, Ross-Jones said he will be using the Fifth Edition, which he says has simplified the rules and made Dungeons & Dragons more enjoyable for most people.

“In some past editions there were a lot of formulas that you had to find and it could get complicated”, Ross-Jones explained. “The fifth edition uses only simple addition and subtraction.”

Ross-Jones added that he will use pre-made modules for the Rodman Library D&D group and start with “The rhyme of the Frost Maiden.” Set in the Arctic, players will attempt to save Ten-Towns from Frostmaiden’s Eternal Night.

“It will take many sessions to get through,” Ross-Jones explained.

Registration is required by visiting Those interested in joining the group can also dial 330 821-2665, ext. 107, to register or leave Ross-Jones contact information for more information.

Ross-Jones, who grew up in Ravenna, graduated in 2015 from Mount Union University and works as a mechanical engineer at SES in Alliance. He is married to Liz Ross-Jones, an adult library assistant at the Rodman Public Library. He has been a dungeon master for five years.

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