Robert Pattinson shares his love for Final Fantasy 7 and the Cloud, Aerith and Tifa ‘Love Triangle’

Batman’s Robert Pattinson shared his love for Final Fantasy 7 and the “love triangle” Cloud, Aerith, and Tifa that caused him (Cloud) a lot of conflict growing up.

Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz were interviewed by Clique and Pattinson started talking enthusiastically about Final Fantasy 7, especially the difficult choice of having to choose whether to fall in love with Aerith or Tifa.

“I was in love with Aeris and Tifa,” Pattinson revealed. “It’s the girls’ two options…It’s a love triangle where Aeris, or Aerith depending on which version of the game you have…it’s sometimes mistranslated. She’s a really nice girl who has superpowers to heal everyone and make the world a better place…”

“Poor women, we have to heal everyone,” Kravitz chimed in. “It’s exhausting.”

“And Tifa is this sexy little thing, she’s like a thief and wears this short skirt, and you’re like, ‘I can’t decide!’ Then Aerith, in her prime, gets killed,” Pattinson continued. “That’s how all the guys who play find out what love is…”

“The one that will cure everything and the one in the short skirt? Those are the options? Oh my god, that’s the problem with the world,” Kravitz replied.

During his press tour for Tenet, Robert Pattinson revealed to GameSpot that Final Fantasy 7 was his favorite game of all time. He even admitted that it was one of the few times he cried in his life when Aeirth, his “first love”, was killed by Sephiroth.

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