Resident Evil 2 Crossover Mod has Sephiroth’s Tifa Save Cloud from FF7R

An ambitious Resident Evil 2 the cross mod changes to characters of Final Fantasy 7, so that Tifa can save Cloud from a massive Sephiroth. Both Resident Evil 2 and Final Fantasy 7 are beloved classics that have received well-received remakes over the past few years. The Final Fantasy 7 the remake is still in progress, with the second part, called Final Fantasy Rebirth, release end of 2023.

The resident Evil and Final Fantasy The series both have a long list of mods created by dedicated fans. Some modify shaders and gameplay, but the majority modify character models. The most popular mods give characters different outfits or replace the character with someone else, such as replacing Mr. X with a creepy, happy Pikachu stalking the halls. There seems to be no limit to what is possible when it comes to modding.


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A modded fan Final Fantasy 7 characters in Resident Evil 2, changing memorable scenes, so they feature Cloud, Tifa, and Sephiroth. In the clip shared, created and posted by Yic17Studio on Twitter, the scene depicts a moment when Mr. X has cornered Leon in the parking lot and is about to choke him to death until Ada saves him by driving a SWAT truck into the menacing enemy. However, with these mods, Leon is swapped for Cloud, Ada is now Tifa, and Mr. X has been swapped with FF7Sephiroth’s most dangerous villain. The scene plays out as usual, with the original voice lines and animation, but now with a Final Fantasy touching added to that.

Tifa saves Cloud from Sephiroth in Resident Evil 2 Mod

The clip is part of a collection of cutscenes all placed together in a movie video that is over two hours long. The film consists of all the cutscenes from Resident Evil 2, combining both the Leon and Claire routes, where most of the characters are replaced by Final Fantasy 7 those. For example, in addition to Cloud taking the place of Leon, Aerith replacing Claire, Biggs replacing Marvin Branagh, Barret replacing Robert Kendo, and many other swaps are also present. The models of these classics Final Fantasy the characters keep their outfits resident Evil counterparts wore, such as Cloud wearing Leon’s police uniform. Tifa wears Ada’s trench coat but keeps the earrings and high heels she normally wears with her purple dress. Meanwhile, Sephiroth is in his regular attire but has been scaled up to match MX’s intimidating size.

Also in character for Tifa to take charge and make a daring rescue, for this particular scene, one might wish it was Aerith at the wheel. The remake showed more of Aerith’s tougher side, like the iconic FF7R scene where she cocked a steel chair. After what Sephiroth did to him, it could have been extremely satisfying to turn things around and see Aerith slam Sephiroth against a concrete wall with a SWAT truck. However, the film as a whole is still very entertaining to watch. The video proves that Tifa and Cloud taking on hordes of zombies together could be just as exciting as their usual fantasy adventures. All Resident Evil 2 and Final Fantasy 7 the crossover video is available to watch now on Yic17’s YouTube channel.

Source: Yic17Studio/Twitter

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