Replaced Stylish Cyberpunk Thriller Delayed To 2023

The upcoming cyberpunk action-adventure platformer Replaced has been delayed until 2023 due to the ongoing war in Ukraine.

In a tweetthe folks at Sad Cat Studios announced the game’s new release window and explained the reason for the delay, which is closely tied to its team location.

“The Belarusian studio working on the game, Sad Cat Studios, has a team of talented developers from Belarus and Ukraine,” the Tweet reads. “Unfortunately, the continuing war in Ukraine has had a major impact on the development of Replaced, as most of the team resides in neighboring regions.”

“Sad Cat’s priority was the safety of the team and their families,” the post continues. “As a result, part of the team has now moved on and work has only recently restarted on Replaced.”

As the team is hard at work again after this relocation, the Tweet makes it clear that the mental and physical health of the developers is still a priority with this newly announced delay.

Screens replaced

Replaced was the first announced at E3 2021 and was originally slated to launch on Xbox and PC in 2022. It’s not the only game which has been postponed to 2022with titles like Advance Wars 1+2: Reboot Camp and Little Orpheus also faced delays due to the war.

Amelia Zollner is a freelance writer at IGN. Find them on Twitter: @ameliazollner.

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