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The punishing dungeon crawling RPG Darkest Dungeon II will finally arrive in Early Access in 2021, according to developer Red Hook Studios.

According to an announcement made in October 2020, Darkest Dungeon II is slated for an early launch release this year. With the exception of a few interviews and FAQs to coincide with the announcement, the Red Hook front has been fairly calm when it comes to progress on fan-favorite roguelike dungeon.

The first one Darkest Dungeon was immensely popular thanks to its Lovecraftian horror aesthetic and challenging difficulty coupled with high-stakes exploration. Players must cope with the heroes they have in less than ideal circumstances to explore the dungeon, often pushing too hard and facing the permanent death of a party member or worse, a total kill of the group. The challenge only makes the game’s wins all the more rewarding, and it’s the same level of collateral damage and close shaves that many expect from Game 2.

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Trailer analysis

The trailer opens with the dragging bodies of what appears to be a new form of enemy, clad in wrought-iron armor and cult veils covering what looks like melting flesh. The party is shown fending off the undead, teasing the game’s new look, including what appears to be more realistic proportions for the team as well.

The most immediate and noticeable change that fans of the original have Darkest Dungeon would notice the passage of the game in 3D. While keeping the original’s stylized art direction of solid dark shadows and blood-red highlights, the move to 3D could mean a whole new dynamic in the way battles are fought, as single-plane positioning was essential for choosing your party members before going to a dungeon in the first game.

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A Man-at-Arms, Plague Doctor, Truck Driver, Tomb Raider, and Occultist are also featured in the trailer, so it’s safe to assume these heroes would be in the initial lineup of heroes available as Darkest Dungeon 2 spear. The trailer ends with the game’s new title logo looming over a burning cityscape – seemingly suffering the same terrible fate as the location where the heroes fight, implying that the chaos is now on a larger scale in the city. -beyond the manor and the hamlet of the first game.

Release date

Darkest Dungeon 2 has been announced for an Early Access release this year on Epic Games. No word yet on a full release date, but it’s probably safe to assume that the game will launch somewhere in the year following the Early Access release. Despite Exclusive Early Access, the developers have said the full launch will be available on other PC storefronts after Early Access.

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Big leg warmers to fill in

The original Darkest Dungeon has been much celebrated and critically acclaimed for being a punishing dungeon featuring flawed potential heroes in an environment of madness, corruption, and decay. Its combat system was unique in that a player’s four heroes lined up against the same four-slot alignment for the enemy, while keeping the positioning integral as some abilities can only be performed in key positions. and can only target specific positions in the enemy. line too.

With the move to 3D, fans are curious whether the fight will change drastically, but in the Darkest Dungeon 2 FAQ on the game’s Steam page Red Hook says they “preserve the classic DD combat presentation,” calling the combat the successful base game to build on. The wide array of unorthodox heroes will certainly be something to look forward to as well, as the original had over a dozen classes to recruit, with more added with subsequent DLCs.

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According to a recent issue of PC Gamer, Darkest Dungeon 2 Steps away from the initial game’s premise of satisfying a maddening curiosity about the unspeakable horrors deep within the mansion’s original setting and instead moves on to an escape adventure. This is Darkest Dungeon meets Oregon Trail, with players taking control of their party as they traverse the corrupted hellish landscape of a dying world from location to location.

The affliction mechanic gained through stress from the first game has also been released, this time replaced with an affinity system in which players can build on group relationships with each other through various downtime activities in the games. hostels (replacing the camp function). Relationships come into play in a number of ways. Maybe an occultist takes a bullet for a plague doctor. Or two characters team up on an enemy.

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