Recall against Mayor of Flint rejected again by Genesee County Election Commission

FLINT, MI – The Genesee County Election Commission has rejected three separate sets of petition texts to recall Flint Mayor Sheldon Neeley.

The committee voted unanimously on each recall petition proposed on Thursday, February 11, saying each would not be clear to voters.

“I don’t think the people to whom the petition is presented should have to guess …” said Genesee County District Attorney David Leyton, one of three commissioners voting on Thursday.

Leyton replaced Chief Estates Judge Jennie Barkey for the hearing and Leslie Raleigh, Deputy County Chief Clerk, replaced Clerk-Registrar John Gleason. County Treasurer Deb Cherry is the third member of the committee.

Flint resident Arthur Woodson has filed the proposed recall wording against Neeley.

In the first language of the petition, Woodson said Neeley signed a resolution that was presented to Flint City Council on November 23, 2020, authorizing a business to provide excess liability insurance coverage. In another, Woodson said Neeley failed to provide the required city state address in his first 12 months in office, and in the proposed third language he said Neeley should be recalled because he had received a copy of an email from the Michigan Department of the Environment. , Great Lakes and Energy – a notice of violation regarding the monitoring of lead and copper in city water.

In December, the Election Commission also rejected Woodson’s proposed recall language that targeted Neeley.

“It’s clear and factual… No ifs and buts about it,” Woodson said of the language of his petition at one point during Thursday’s hearing.

Woodson also asked if Leyton should vote on the language of the petition, as his office would generally defend the election commission if it appeals its decisions.

Cherry said state law allows the county attorney to sit as a panel member.

Neeley appeared at the committee meeting on Thursday, but did not speak. He was represented by Flint’s lawyer Archie Hayman.

The mayor said attempts to recall him were akin to “petty politics and personal agendas”.

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