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In Final Fantasy XI, players are part of a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. In Vana’diel, the story takes place in a fantasy world where players create avatars that compete to win items and abilities.

There are a variety of quests that the player can undertake and explore the plot of the game. However, most beginners usually find it difficult to play Final Fantasy XI for the first time.

To help these beginners, we have created this quick start guide. You can use this guide to learn more about your options. Our goal is to make it easier for you to make informed decisions in the face of overwhelming information. So let’s get started.

Understanding Level Zero

Before setting foot in Vana’diel, there are a few things you need to do. If you decide to sign up and download the game right away, you might want to adjust the settings in FFXI Config.

It is highly recommended to use windowed or borderless windowed mode, as fullscreen crashes as soon as the game goes into the background. After that, the intro movie will play.

The settings app lets you disable this feature so it doesn’t play every time you log in. The game opens with a depiction of a famous battle from the war, which takes place 20 years before the start of the game’s narrative. This story tells how the Shadow Lord is defeated; society is rebuilt and unified.

Level 1 advice

First, you will need to create your character. Next, a brief cutscene will show you your new home. During your next story missions, you will chat with colorful characters who will give you an adventurer coupon.

You will receive 50 GIL for filling out the coupon as shown, which is not much. If you want more FFXI GIL, you’ll have to do different things. However, the easiest way to earn GIL is to buy it. There are different sources you can use to buy GIL. MMOPIXEL is one of the few reliable sources that many people recommend when buying in-game currency. You can buy FFXI GIL at affordable rates on MMOPIXEL.

From Adventurer Coupon you are on your own – the game does not guide you in any way. Here are some things you need to know before you present your options.

Commands and Parameters

While it’s not the most exciting thing to do when you arrive in Vana’diel, getting familiar with everything is a good thing. Considering how old Final Fantasy XI is compared to other games, you might not like the default controls.

You can speed up your experience by going through each setting individually. Also, make sure you know the commands well. The game has many menu options. You learn your first spell from a menu and even redeem your Adventurer Coupon. The process takes a little getting used to, but you’ll get used to it in no time.


There are different “zones” in the game. A map on the first page of each main menu zone can be accessed below the first page. When using an online resource, the map will show the name of the area, your location, and a grid system to help you locate items.

There will also be maps of the residential area, connection areas, shops and other useful information. You can create markers and find party members using the left and right arrows in the map menu.

If you know what you’re looking for, you can also use Wide Scan, which shows a small area around you and identifies enemies and non-playable characters.

Beware of floating crystals to find the Home Point. When you click on it, you will have the option to travel there from any other starting point. Using a Warp Spell will also bring you back there if you lose consciousness.

Facing the adventures of the game

Final Fantasy XI offers many adventures. Here are some essentials that you will need to manage while playing the game.

Fight monsters

Gaining experience points is easier when you kill enemies. In addition, it is a key element for earning money since you can sell the items obtained from enemies or use them as crafting materials.

You can strengthen your character more easily by leveling up. As you level up, more quests and missions will become available, and you will have access to even more content. The ability to unlock advanced tasks is only available after reaching certain levels.

Arts and crafts

Crafting is another good way to earn money, especially if you can use supplies from your adventures. It also means you’ll save money when buying things later from guilds that craft things you’ll need. While Sparks are good at acquiring gear, they can’t buy high-quality items this way.

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