Questions and mysteries after the end of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Cyberpunk: Edge Runners is a prequel to the events of Cyberpunk 2077 or maybe even something unrelated. It has nothing to do with its story although characters in the game make brief appearances if viewers pay attention. The heart of the story follows a young teenager named David who witnesses his mother being killed in a car accident.

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Fed up with being ridiculed for his upbringing, David takes matters into his own hands and joins a gang of mercenaries. Can he make enough money, or Eddies, to get out of poverty by Cyberpunk: Edge Runners? What about the end? Are there things left unanswered that could be addressed in a second season? There will be spoilers.


6 What happened to Katsuo?

Katsuo Tanaka is the bully who fights with David in the first episode. This episode ends with David asking the Ripperdoc to put the cybernetic implant in his body, with episode two featuring his revenge on Katsuo. After reducing him to bloody pulp, David is expelled from the academy.

Katsuo is mentioned again in reference, by his father, but he is never shown again. It looks like the anime should have put a bookend on that little bow. They could have shown Katsuo confronting David later, when he was a bulkier man. It’s not a huge question left unanswered, but there could have been more.

5 How long was the time jump?

The transition between episodes six and seven is abrupt. David goes from skinny cyborg to burly boy seemingly overnight. Viewers have to fill in the gaps in this time jump depending on what happens next.

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Not only is David huge, but he and Lucy have a bigger apartment together. Additionally, David took over the role of leader of the mercenary group. This time jump could have been a week or it could have been longer. There’s no way to know for sure.

4 What was wrong with the Moon?

The first time David and Lucy meet, Lucy takes David back to her apartment. He comments on the moon poster on his wall. He realizes that the moon is apparently nothing more than a noble goal of mankind that has resulted in the deaths of thousands of people. He also equates it with a prison and not with a trip to paradise.

At the end of Cyberpunk: Edge Runners, Lucy goes to the moon and it looks like a tourist trap. There’s no giant city to be seen that could be likened to a metaphorical prison similar to Night City. What was David talking about them? It could be a reference to something in the larger cyberpunk lore, but if so, anime viewers are at a loss about this story.

3 What happened to Falco?

Only two surviving members of the mercenary group remain at the end of Cyberpunk: Edge Runners aka Lucy and Falco. Lucy goes to the moon, as already mentioned, but Falco is nowhere to be found. He didn’t travel to the moon with Lucy or at least his character is never shown directly.

That doesn’t mean he didn’t retreat to the moon. After all, the heat on the two of them must be huge considering how they took on a giant corporation like Arasaka. This, however, raises another question. How did they even escape this mess?

2 What’s next for Lucy?

Lucy was able to realize her dream of seeing the moon up close thanks to David’s sacrifice. She probably would have preferred to see the moon with David, making it a bittersweet victory. The big question then is what will Lucy do next?

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Will she stay on the moon and avoid being detected by Arasaka? Is Arasaka already present on the moon, making it impossible to remain undetected for long? Difficult to know especially since a second season has not yet been announced. If that happens and it’s a continuation of that, there’s a good chance she’ll be the new protagonist of this nifty action anime.

1 Was David special?

Cyberpunk: Edge Runners, at its core, could be seen as a cautionary tale that can be applied to life. James Norris was the first character to put on the military implant, seemingly viewing himself as a god who could even take on the powerful Arasaka Corporation. He is shot in the process, thus leaving his implant open for the next “hero” to give him a chance. Maine doesn’t use this implant but he still chromes too much. He doesn’t listen to his friends’ reasonings and doesn’t slow down his upgrades.

This also leads him to succumb to CyberPsychosis. Even though David sees this happening, twice, he doesn’t hear reason either. He thinks he’s special, like some sort of chosen one. Even though his limits exceed the other characters, he also dies at the end. He flew too close to the sun. The question then is, was David special on some level? What allowed him to push his limits so much besides being the fearless main character of an action anime? There are some theories, but maybe a second season will officially provide some answers.

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