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King of Seas took an old rocky ride. After being first announced in July 2020, fans have been waiting for the chance to experience a new golden age of hacking. But on the back of a disappointing preview period at the end of the year, then the absence of a launch in February 2021, it’s only been since Team17 jumped aboard the right ship he started to navigate in the right direction. Only time will tell if this crew was able to navigate the rough waters safely.

Available for purchase and download now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, King of Seas looks to take on Sea of ​​Thieves as the must-see maritime adventure as the development team of 3DClouds and Team17 offer a deadly procedurally generated world.

Priced at £ 19.99 with a free trial available, King of Seas propels you onto the deck of a narrative that focuses on the fiercest plot. It is here that you will find yourself on an epic adventure, which will take you through a wonderfully generated world filled with battles, treasure and lost islands.

There is immediately a lot to love about what’s included in King of Seas, and honestly, the opportunity to showcase the life of a pirate is one that a lot of players are still waiting for. With a dynamic world that responds to your every move, a full navigation system with atmospheric effects, and tons of customization and combat options, we keep our fingers crossed and slowly walk the length of the board in the hope this delivers.

The main and secondary mechanisms and characteristics include:


  • Story: A series of quests guides you through your journey and learn about intriguing characters from the world of the Sea King who will lead you to the next path in your epic adventure.
  • Procedural Generation: Immerse yourself in a lush procedurally generated world that constantly refreshes the exploration mechanics of each new game.
  • Dynamic world: the world reacts to your every action, the naval routes change and with each conquered colony, the difficulty adapts to constantly offer you more difficult times.
  • Map: Thick fog will ensure that traveling to the objectives is not straightforward navigation, after all wouldn’t you want to lose the joys of exploring !?
  • Navigation system: atmospheric effects influence gameplay. Navigate during a storm at your own risk, evade enemies, and remember to always watch the wind direction carefully to stay in control during battles. The strategy starts here.
  • Customization of ships: five types of highly customizable ships thanks to a system of equipment and skills, just like in any real role-playing game!
  • Combat System: Not only cannon shots and nautical strategy, but also speed and spectacle, thanks to a set of over 20 skills to choose from and three talent branches to suit any style of play.


  • Special Missions: Additional rewards await you at the end of these side missions, each colony you conquer will be the source of new adventures!
  • Treasure Hunt: The secret maps are hidden in the abyssal depths, find them and get directions to the submerged treasures!
  • Trading: Each settlement produces specific products with their own market value. Buy them at the lowest possible price and sell them to other colonies where they are in demand. Buy low, sell high, this is the basis of commerce!
  • Fishing: Find up to 30 varieties of fish that live below the ocean’s surface. Fish them all but be careful to observe the time of day and weather conditions …
  • Ranking: Each battle won will increase the bounty on your head, compare it with the most famous pirates in history. Be the king of the seas!
  • Multiple Difficulties: The difficulty level adds a substantial multiplier to the bonus obtained in the game. How much can you generate in hardcore mode?

Our full review of King of Seas on Xbox One is underway and will be able to provide additional insight into how it plays out. Will it be the enemy of Sea of ​​Thieves who is able to collect all the treasures? Or does it sink to the bottom of the ocean without leaving a trace?

If you want to find out for yourself, go to Xbox Store for Xbox One or Xbox Series X downloads | S. You will also find the game on PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

Description of the game:

King of Seas is an action role-playing game set in a procedurally generated deadly pirate world. In a fierce plot, you will fight to find what was taken away and embark on an epic adventure in a fantasy world, filled with battles, lost islands and treasure. A universe full of incredible characters and breathtaking missions will keep you anchored as you strive to become the king of all pirates.


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