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Most Final Fantasy games have plenty of action figures, but one of the most beloved and underrated finally gets a line thanks to Bring Arts.

In 1997, SquareSoft released a Final Fantasy game that took risks with the series formula. Final Fantasy Tactics, unlike its predecessors, was a strategy RPG set in a medieval fantasy world named Ivalice. Fans were immediately drawn to the game due to its challenging tactical gameplay, dark story, rich character development, and beautiful music. Although the game has its die-hard fans, Square Enix hasn’t released a new one. Final Fantasy Tactics since the PSP remake, Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions. Although it’s safe to assume that Square Enix won’t be releasing any games related to Final Fantasy Tacticsfans of the game have something to look forward to.

Bring Arts is a Japanese toy company that is releasing a line of toys based on some of the main characters from Final Fantasy tactics. This is good news for fans of the original game since, unlike other games in the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy Tactics has little to no merchandise for fans.

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Delita Heiral aspires to become a knight

The secondary leader of Final Fantasy Tactics, Delita was once a friend of the game’s main character, Ramza Beoulve. Unfortunately, he has become a rival for Ramza, and that’s where the tragedy begins. More than anything, Delita wanted to be a knight, but he was always considered just a foot soldier because he was a peasant. Her character arc acts as a catalyst for social commentary on the negative effects of classism.

The beautifully crafted Delita figure is crafted with gold and red armor and comes with interchangeable parts that allow for different poses and actions. He also comes with his gauntlets and two swords, one sheathed and one unsheathed.

Agrias Oaks will stop at nothing

Agrias Oaks is a female knight who serves for the Lionsguard, a special class of knights whose sole purpose is to guard the royal family. Specifically, Agrias is tasked with being Princess Ovelia’s personal bodyguard. She is a chivalrous and honour-conscious knight who will stop at nothing to ensure the safety of the royal family. She is also one of the strongest characters in the game due to her status as a Holy Knight, a special class of warriors capable of casting powerful magic spells.

Bring Arts has done an impressive job of making the knight brave by outfitting him in stunning blue and silver armor, complete with movable hand attachments and his trademark silver claymore.

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Ramza Beoulve believes in the people

Ramza, the main character of Final Fantasy Tactics, is the definition of a tragic hero. He was shunned from his own family, had his nobility stripped, and branded a heretic for standing up against the evil deeds of the church, but no matter what, he still does this. which he believes to be right. Ramza is honest and true, fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves, regardless of class or social status.

The Ramza figure design that Bring Arts went with was the outfit he wore during his training days at the start of Final Fantasy Tactics, with his signature blue tunic that sports a series of multicolored geometric patterns and a beige cape. Like the other two in this toy line, Ramza has movable hands, but instead of the huge claymore that Delita and Agrias get, Ramza comes equipped with a rather attractive rapier.

How to pre-order Bring Arts Final Fantasy Tactic Figures

The Arts Bring Final Fantasy Tactics can be pre-ordered from the Square Enix online store. Currently, the line’s release date is scheduled for October 22, 2022. Each figure carries an MSRP of $95.99, though pre-orders are 10% off, or $86.40 each.

October is a long way off, but these three numbers would make perfect holiday stocking stuffers for the Final Fantasy fan in your life. Awareness Final Fantasy Tactics fans, toys will fly off the shelves and for good reason. These are high quality collectibles that fans have been looking forward to for a very long time.

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