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As the year draws to a close, The rewards of the game is preparing to celebrate the best of 2021. Much like previous shows, this year’s Game Awards feature many categories with different nominees for each. While everyone deserves their place and being nominated is such an honor, only one can end up victorious. Many fans might like to try and figure out which game wins before the show, and the Best Ongoing Game category faces stiff competition.


The Best Ongoing Game award focuses on games that are constantly making new updates and changes to their titles to keep players enjoying their growing experiences. Notably, almost all of these games come as a service, whether they are multiplayer online games or games that require fans to pay for new characters to play in some way. These games are Apex Legends, Final Fantasy XIV Online, Fortnite, Genshin Impact, and Call of Duty: War Zone.

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Apex Legends

Apex Legends Raiders Collection event announced reveals Wattson's new legacy

Among the three battle-royale shooter games chosen for the award for best current game this year, Apex Legends has made a name for itself by being nominated not once but twice at the Game Awards since its release in 2019. That same year, Apex Legends won the hearts of gamers and won the award for best multiplayer game. Now the free game has a chance to win another award for its efforts.

Considering Apex Legends’ loyal player base, it makes sense that it has a chance to become the best game going this year. The award ceremony can be a big boost for Fall of the titans fan morale after the original game was announced to be delisted soon. Respawn Entertainment’s title is also in the middle of its 11th season, which has improved many different features and brought back old Fall of the titans parks too. Apex Legends also faces Fortnite and Call of Duty: War Zone for the price, which may help settle the debate over the best battle royale experience.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Chongyun Hangout

MiHoYo’s free-to-play RPG stands out among the crowd for the way it offers all the exploration, world-building, and character exploration the genre is known for, yet makes it accessible to almost anyone to play and play without any monetary involvement required. The game uses a gacha system with microtransactions as a way for fans to get new characters to play like with certain buffs, but still makes sure that even the unlucky ones can still get away with it. Genshin Impact challenges.

Thanks to the game being based on the gacha mechanic, this allows frequent updates of characters and weapons, which also gives it plenty of possibilities to include all kinds of new events. MiHoYo’s RPG has had over 50 different events this year, which has also seen the return of events featuring launch characters such as Venti. Unfortunately, with many players expressing their dissatisfaction with Genshin Impact, the title and its parent company have been the subject of much controversy lately.

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Call of Duty: War Zone

rebirth of the war zone gulag

The second free-to-play battle-royale shooter on this list is none other than Call of Duty: War Zone. In all of the games of the same genre on this list, War zone has been hailed by critics to be one of the number 1 battle royals on the market right now, although beyond the game’s loyal player base, reception appears to be mixed. With all CoD: War zone deals, however, it has incredible promises with updates that have earned it a spot on this list alongside its competition.

War zone is looking to have an update just before the Game Awards air, which FPS fans should look forward to this week. One of the maps is being revamped into a new Pacific map with lots of tweaks and tweaks. However, it remains to be seen how well those tweaks play out once added to the game, as Activision has reportedly fired some of its QA testers after promising pay increases. As these developments are recent, they may not change. War zonetoo much room at the Game Awards.

Final fantasy 14


Surprisingly, the only MMO on this list has managed to be the critically acclaimed game. Final fantasy 14. The game is known by many to have a free trial that includes Heavensward and has seen impressive growth following real events such as the coronavirus pandemic and World of warcraft parent company prosecuted for sexual harassment. It also continues to add new extensions, such as the now in Early Access Endwalker, which adds the Sage class to FF14.

Final fantasy 14 was nominated for numerous awards during his tenure, bringing many of them home. The Golden Joystick Awards gave him the titles Still Playing and Best Game Community. It’s not FF14 ‘s only Game Awards nomination, as the game was nominated for Best Current Game in 2019. It lost to Fortnite, and that may be a chance for Square Enix’s hit MMO to finally be successful.



You could very possibly say that many players would agree that quitting Fortnite of these candidates would be remiss. The third nominated battle royale this year has become iconic in the minds of gamers whether they are playing or not. The game saw events like incredible crossovers with series like Naruto and Arcane: League of Legends, as well as virtual concerts that other games love Pokémon GO have tried to emulate, but none have done it to the same level and scale that Fortnite provides.

Certainly, the scope of the game can be seen regardless of fans’ relationship with the game, which makes it a great contender. Fortnite has even already won the award in 2019, and his frequent updates and away gave him a solid chance to compete for the second round. The future of the game already looks as bright as it always has been with Season 3 and with a supposedly new gameplay changing animal coming up, there is still a lot of content that fans can enjoy even now.

Best Running Game Prediction: Final Fantasy 14

screenshot final-fantasy-xiv-cinematic

For followers of Square Enix’s successful MMO, this may seem a bit late. Final fantasy 14 has been on gamers’ minds for years and shows no signs of stopping with Endwalker now in Early Access. The game has also gone out of its way to welcome new players with open arms, including offering bonuses to higher level players and helping new members with starter quests.

As Square Enix continues to give gamers FF14, players make sure to give back by creating a wonderful community that comes together to celebrate with players or make the experience more enjoyable with things like infographics to understand FF14breaking limit system. It creates a wonderful cycle of developers and gamers surrendering to each other, which helps create a game that is definitely worth the price of the game at hand.

As Endwalker brings a lot of new content to players, Final fantasy 14 is gearing up to be a big game in the next few years, and there are sure to be some fixes and upcoming events that will only make the experience better. However, that could be said for all of the games on this list. It doesn’t matter who wins at The rewards of the game, many players will have tons of content from these games that they can enjoy for quite a while.

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