Patch 1.3 ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ optical camouflage location, where to find secret cyberware


Cyberpunk 2077 patch 1.3 introduced a few cool elements to the game, but the more the interesting things were the ones that CDPR decided not to talk about or feature at all on their live stream, because why would that make sense?

But, it turns out they’re more interesting than any amount of free jacket or Johnny outfit DLC, and at least one has a significant impact on in-game combat.

I’ve already reviewed the first secret addition in 1.3, the MaxTac armor set which is now lootable from Judy’s apartment after 1.3, the only place in the game you can get it (although this is not very good, it looks cool). Now there is something else.

It would be Optical Camouflage, new Cyberware that has been around in game files for a while and could even be activated via mods, but is now officially available in the game for the first time. But it wasn’t announced on streaming, and damn it, it’s just a tiny little line out of the hundreds in the patch notes.

Optical Camouflage is what it sounds like, it gives you the ability to become invisible for a short period of cooldown. Great for stealth builds, but also for confusing enemies in open combat.

There are three levels of Optimal, Rare, Epic, and Legendary camouflage. And three different ripperdocs where you can find them. See the maps below:

Rare optical camo:

Epic Optical Camouflage:

Legendary Optical Camouflage:

If you’ve been into Cyberpunk’s story or endgame before, there’s no reason not to jump straight to the legendary Optical Camouflage which is 15 seconds of invisibility every 60 seconds for $ 35,000, considerably. less than most cars in the game and an easy buy for any build.

Why wasn’t it featured or mentioned as a new addition to the game? Or marketed as free downloadable content? I guess CDPR knew everyone knew this was already in the game, and they would have been criticized for trying to portray optical camouflage as “free DLC” if it was something that was in the game. game since launch and was simply not available for some technical reason. So they just activated it. Still, they could have at least put it in the spotlight for the stream. This and the MaxTac armor would have been more interesting than what they showed.

I’m still hoping that other items in the upcoming free DLC might be cyberware that we haven’t seen yet, but no word on that just yet. And given that 1.3 has just arrived, it will likely be radio silence for a while.

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