OnePlus Watch Cyberpunk 2077 Limited Edition goes official with Jonny-Silverhand charger


Cyberpunk 2077’s launch hasn’t been very smooth, but its partnership with OnePlus continues to move forward. After the OnePlus 8T Cyberpunk 2077 edition, the Chinese firm offers another Cyberpunk themed device. This year, OnePlus released its very first smartwatch and has now revealed the OnePlus Watch Cyberpun 2077 Limited Edition. The company announced this new variant last week and, as expected, the device has gone official in China. today. Besides the special design, the new limited edition also comes with a very special stand inspired by Jonny Silverhand an iconic character of the game.

OnePlus Watch Cyberpunk 2077 Limited Edition becomes official several months after the OnePlus 8T Cyberpunk 2077

The OnePlus Watch Cyberpunk 2077 Limited Edition is identical to the original OnePlus Watch in terms of specifications. This differs only in appearance, price and, of course, the special holder / charger. Oddly enough, this laptop was supposed to be launched alongside the OnePlus 8T Cyberpunk 2077 Edition. If you remember, the first rumors about the OnePlus Watch surfaced last year, but its release was delayed for unknown reasons. We’re guessing it has to do with the COVID-19 pandemic or even the chip shortage.

The OnePlus Watch Cyberpunk 2077 Limited Edition currently costs CNY 1,299, or around $ 202. For comparison, the regular OnePlus Watch sells for CNY 999, or around $ 156. The OnePLus Watch Cobalt Limited Edition still reigns supreme as OnePlus’ most expensive smartwatch with a price tag of CNY 1,599, or $ 249 if you prefer.

The new smartwatch is already on pre-order in China. It will be available for purchase on June 1 at midnight local time. At the moment, there is no official word on the availability of this laptop outside of mainland China, which is very unfortunate. After all, the fame of the game is something global. For this reason, offering it in other markets is a good opportunity for OnePlus to advance its smartwatch.

OnePlus Watch Cyberpunk 2077 comes with a unique charger stand

The new OnePlus Watch Cyberpunk 2077 Limited Edition comes with a yellow accented bezel and strap. The latter even bears the “Cyberpunk” brand. In addition, the laptop includes a user interface based on Cyberpunk 2077. In addition, it comes with special watch faces and a startup animation. Oddly enough, the watch mentions “Android”. For those in the know, the OnePlus Watch runs a custom RTOS (Real Time Operating System).

The special version smartwatch comes with a charger stand, which is designed after the hand of “Jonny Silverhand,” a popular character played by actor Keanu Reeves in the Cyberpunk 2077 video game. due to the countless bugs present in the console versions, but as we mentioned above, everything seems to be going well with the partnership between OnePlus and CD Projekt Red.


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