NFT-based game Illuvium raises $72 million in digital land sales


Illuvium, a monster battle role-playing game that incorporates non-fungible tokens (NFTs), announcement on Sunday that it raised more than $72 million in digital pitch sales.

The land sale took place between June 2 and June 5, 2022. Of the 20,000 available plots, 19,969 were sold, with the remaining 31 plots to be held for future gifts.

Illuvium also notes that there have been no gas wars during land sales, i.e. when Ethereum gas prices rise due to increased user demand to transact quickly. on the blockchain. Indeed, Illuvium integrates the Immutable engine, built by a scaling technology developer Immutableto reduce NFT transaction fees and enable self-custody of NFTs.

In the world of Illuvium, the player begins by crash-landing on an alien planet, Illuvium, and encounters strange creatures, called Illuvials, which the player can then capture and use in battles. The player earns rewards and experience points through battles that allow him to progress through more dangerous terrain in Illuvium.

Illuvium is set to launch on PC and macOS in the third quarter of 2022. Players can purchase weapons and armor as NFTs that can aid them throughout the game, which can then be resold on the IlluviDEX in-game marketplace, which was also not launched. Again.

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