New North American data center delayed due to equipment shortage

The first phase of Final Fantasy 14’s Data Center Expansion operation is delayed due to equipment shortages, but is still expected to take place this year.

After Final Fantasy 14is critically acclaimed Endwalker expansion, Square Enix hoped to continue the process of expanding its servers to support more players. Unfortunately, Final Fantasy 14Plans to create a new logical data center have been postponed due to a lack of equipment.

Final Fantasy 14 Producer and director Naoki Yoshida recently shared the news with a heavy heart. Although the tech industry is slowly recovering from the global semiconductor shortage of the past few years, the shortage continues to plague game developers.


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Final Fantasy 14 originally planned to roll out the first phase of the two-step process in August. The North American data center currently houses three logical data centers. The first phase of the plan was to add a fourth data center, increasing the total number of servers for North American players. This phase is now scheduled for November instead of August.

According to Yoshida, the second phase of this plan – the establishment of additional worlds on the future logical data center – should not be affected by the shortage and is still planned for the spring or summer of 2023. In addition, Final Fantasy 14 is still considering another huge upgrade to data centers and servers ahead of upcoming expansion pack releases, though it hasn’t commented on what that might entail after the initial announcement in January.

Of course, many Final Fantasy 14 gamers are disappointed that new data centers are delayed, but understand why. FF14 The population is growing steadily, which means more servers are almost always welcome, and with the new Data Center Travel system, players in the same physical data centers can play with each other, regardless of where they live. Other players outside North America that do not yet have a physical data center, such as South America, are hoping Final Fantasy 14 will establish one in their home country as it did with the Oceania Data Center.

Nevertheless, this summer is not a total meltdown for Final Fantasy 14 players. The Moogle Treasure Trove event is currently running until the launch of Patch 6.2 in late August. New Final Fantasy 14 The patch, titled Buried Memory, promises a new dungeon, trial and main storyline, as well as a continuation of the Pandaemonium raid. If that wasn’t enough to hope for, the Moonfire Faire summer event is right around the corner, with the Rising Anniversary event not far behind. Between these new events and releases – and an expansion pack announcement likely somewhere in the next six months –Final Fantasy 14 players have a lot to look forward to.

Final Fantasy 14 is available now on PC, PS4 and PS5.

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