New Dungeons & Dragons Path of the Planesbreaker supplement announced


has announced its intention to release a new source book Monte Cook Games has announced its intention to release a new source book compatible with Dungeons & Dragons Fifth edition. Breaker path is a new reference book centered on the mysterious Planesbreaker, a perpetually traveling moon that races through the multiverse, visiting every existing plane. The new book will contain tons of new content for players and dungeon masters, with a focus on the multiverse and various blueprints. Players will get a new planar species to use as a character option, as well as new planar class options and subclasses, as well as new feats and spells. DMs will benefit from the new lore contained in the book as well as a bestiary of planar creatures from across the multiverse.

Breaker path will be written by Bruce R. Cordell, Sean K Reynolds and Monte Cook. All three are experienced TTRPG designers who have contributed to many official and third-party D&D supplements. In particular, Cook has designed a number of D&D modules linked to the popular Planescape campaign framework, which appears to have at least partially inspired the new Breaker path delivered.

Monte Cook Games has released a mix of new D&D compatible game systems and settings since its founding in 2012. Its most popular projects include the Ptolus campaign parameter (which was converted for fifth edition use last year) and Numenera, an RPG system and a campaign setting. Monte Cook Games has also converted Numenera’s world for use in 5E.

Dungeons & Dragons getting ready for a few busy months of going out. Wizards of the Coast just released The savage beyond the light of the witches, a full D&D campaign that takes place mostly in the Feywild. Wizards of the Coast has two more releases slated for 2021 – Fizban’s Dragon Treasure and Strixhaven: A Chaos Program. The former is a lore and bestiary book focusing primarily on dragons, while the latter is a campaign book which details the Magic: The Gathering world of Strixhaven.

The Kickstarter for Breaker path will be launched in October. You can sign up to be notified of the launch of Kickstarter here.


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