New ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ patch still just bug fixes, nothing about PlayStation


Cyberpunk 2077 released a new patch today, before its reinstatement on June 21 on the PlayStation Store. Many have speculated that there must be a massive patch coming for Sony to agree to leave the game in the store, but that doesn’t appear to be the case, unless there’s another in a few months. days.

Patch 1.23 appears to be little more than another patch. Most of it is another specific set of bug fixes for individual quests, 17 missions and gigs in total, actually. Again, no quality of life issues, no changes in NPC or police behavior other than a note that similar-looking NPCs should now appear less often in clusters, a bit of frequent hilarity than fans have stressed for months.

There are the usual “stability” improvements that occur with each patch and should lead to fewer crashes, but that’s about it. There is nothing about improving performance on PlayStation in particular, and while there are specific changes for PC and Xbox in the notes, there is nothing at all on PlayStation, and no mention of it. game returns to the store, which has not been publicly announced as a regulatory filing, and nowhere else.

Sony plans to bring the game back to stores in a few days, but it’s unclear whether it may come with a performance warning, similar to the Xbox version. Sony contradicted itself last week, first claiming that the original decision to take Cyberpunk out of the store was aimed at protecting consumers from a poorly performing copy of the game, but in a statement about its reinstatement, they literally say that the PS4 version is again the performance is poor and they recommend the PS4 Pro version (which also works on PS5) instead. This implies that it is less about the performance of the game (it will never perform “well” on the PS4 basis) and that the removal may have been about the dust surrounding refunds at launch, for the most part.

As for the game itself, we’re now past the midpoint in June, and the idea that Cyberpunk 2077 would start releasing its free DLC in the first half of 2021 doesn’t appear to be happening. That’s what the game’s original roadmap entailed, but a second new roadmap had an even more nebulous timeline, and all we really know now is the free DLC and PS5 / Xbox Series versions. X of the game are slated for release sometime in 2021. CDPR Is Usually hits its update deadlines, often at the last minute, but as to how the rest of this year will play out is anyone’s guess.

We’ll see when the game goes from endless bug fixes to actual quality-of-life improvements and content additions that will get players to play again. So far, we haven’t seen anything like it, and it’s been well over six months of waiting now.

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