Neon Abyss patch 1.43 patch notes

Update 1.43 arrived for Neon Abyss, and here is the full list of changes and fixes added with this fix. This frantic, rogue-lite action platformer has almost everything; some players say the game is a mix of The Binding of Isaac and Enter the Gungeon. The fast-paced gameplay and procedurally generated dungeons will have players on the edge of their seats as they decimate every enemy on sight with a wide selection of weapons, items, and companions that provide additional buffs and abilities .

Neon Abyss has received numerous content updates since its launch in July 2020. The looks are interesting to say the least, offering a semi-futuristic environment without entering cyberpunk territory; if you are looking for a fun rogue-lite game similar to The Binding of Isaac. Neon Abyss has you covered, but don’t expect a deep storyline; the game gives you the right amount of knowledge to make you look for more in each new dungeon. Here is all the news with Neon Abyss update 1.43.

Neon Abyss patch 1.43 patch notes


Neon Abyss is here with another new update! So get ready for update 1.43!
New features:

  • The all new Seed Machine:
    There will be new quests after unlocking the vending machine, which will ultimately lead to the unlocking of the new seed machine.
  • New special levels:
    The Abyss is growing with more special levels!
  • Changes and item balances:
  • Many more special seeds!

Veewo Games has released a lot of updates for Neon Abyss, so don’t be surprised if you hear about it again. These new features are a nice upgrade to the title, changing the gameplay and the way players interact with dungeons.

Neon Abyss is now available on PC, Switch, Xbox One, and PS4. For more information on this update, visit the official website Neon Abyss Twitter page.

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