NECA’s DnD Warduke and Grimsword figures and pre-order explained

Two classic characters from Dungeons & Dragons, Grimsword and Warduke, get awesome new, high-quality collectible figures thanks to NECA.

The Dungeons & Dragons fandom extends far beyond its tabletop roots. There are many more goods for D&D fans to follow in addition to the dice and manuals. In addition to video games, comics and novels, D&D also has a presence in the collectibles space.

While miniature figures can be a big part of the gaming experience D&D, action figures are available for players who want to take their fandom from the game table to the toy shelf. Forgotten realms icon Drizzt Do’Urden recently received the luxury action figure treatment from Hasbro. The last D&D the numbers come from high-end toy company NECA, whose licenses include everything from Gargoyles and to The boys. They are like a remaster in figurine form.

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Who are Warduke and Grimsword?

Warduke and Grimsword are modern updates to the classic D&D figurines. Both characters were part of LJN’s D&D figure line in the early 1980s. Warduke made his debut in the figure line in 1983. That same year, he and the other characters in the figure line were introduced to the game. play in the accessory. The Shadow Dragon Inn. This established Warduke as the number opposite to the heroic knight Strongheart.

Warduke was going to appear in the years 1984 XL-1: Quest for the Heart Stone. Beyond the lore of the game, Warduke also made an appearance in the ’80s. D&D animated series, where he kidnapped the Dungeon Master. In addition to his action figures, Warduke was also recreated as a pre-painted Drums of war miniature and an upcoming GameStop exclusive Funko Pop! Vinyl.

Grimsword does not have Warduke’s presence in the larger D&D mythos, probably due to the fact that he did not appear in the animated series. His action figure story makes him a mighty fighter with the ambition to rule. Despite his many allies or “evil friends,” Grimsword is not a trustworthy man. He is ready to betray anyone for more power. Like GI Joe’s Serpentor, he makes him more intimidating by incorporating a serpent into his armor.

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What is included with Warduke & Grimsword?

NECA took the LJN character models for Warduke and Grimsword and updated them to modern action figure standards. Both figures are 7 inches tall. While the LJN Dungeons & Dragons the numbers were detailed for their time, NECA used every nearly 40 years of advancement in the field to create very detailed numbers. This includes digital and manual sculpting and over 20 points of articulation. NECA Ultimate Figures also come with a ‘photorealistic’ face print. It seems like an unnecessary detail for two characters known to wear helmets, unless fans see what’s under them.

No luxury action figure worthy of the name comes without accessories, and there is certainly no shortage of Warduke and Grimsword in this department. Warduke will come with a sword, dagger, knife and shield. Grimsword comes with a mace, sword, and shield. Owners will be able to outfit their Warriors with whatever weapons they want, assuming they take them out of the 5-panel displays.

Warduke and Grimsword retail for an MSRP of $ 36.74 each. No one is offering a double-digit package yet, with NECA’s website only offering wholesale orders for retailers. However, their website does not currently offer orders for either of these numbers; pre-orders for each figure can be made at outlets like Wizkids, Big Bad Toy Store (for $ 37.99), and Entertainment Earth (for $ 34.99). The figures are expected to be released in March 2022, giving D&D fans have time to make room on their shelves (and in their budgets) if they decide to give these two villains a good home.

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