National League: Nineteen clubs have offered government loans worth up to £ 5.4million to help survive coronavirus pandemic | Football News


Nineteen National League clubs have been offered government loans worth up to £ 5.4million to help them survive the coronavirus pandemic.

The National League and the Northern and Southern National Leagues have been in turmoil in recent weeks, voting on whether to continue their seasons amid a dispute over funding.

The governing body felt it would receive another government grant if fans were unable to attend the matches, such as the £ 10million received in October, but the Culture Department, Media and Sports has always maintained that future funding would come in the form of loans.

Such a decision saw the National League North and National League South vote to end 2020-2021 campaign sooner, with players and staff placed on leave, despite the National League opting to see the season come to an end.

Nineteen clubs from the three divisions have accepted a low-interest long-term loan offer from the government and will receive funds once they accept the relevant documentation.

Other clubs are in discussions about obtaining a loan and a decision will be made as soon as possible.

With the National League continuing, clubs will now receive free Covid-19 test kits from the government that have previously played without a test structure in place.


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