Moving to Night City – Why it’s time to celebrate Cyberpunk 2077

It’s been a tough journey from launch to now for CD Project RED and its heavily marketed and over-hyped products Cyberpunk 2077. The game had already tested the mettle of anxious gamers with a long stint in development, only to throw a buggy and broken mess, which tarnished its many tradable items.

And while these elements have all been overshadowed by anger, frustration, and outright blame, is it time now to take it back and reshape our stance, release a next-gen update, and judge Cyberpunk 2077? as it currently stands?

To this question we answer in the affirmative. And while it shouldn’t be shy about what was really more than a launch mess, enough water has flowed under that bridge now to start seeing the game in a whole new neon light.

Here’s a snippet of our own exploration of this, and why we think now is the time to start celebrating the many triumphs achieved by CD Projekt RED in gaming:

What’s great then are the choices you are offered to make at the start of the game (and later too). You can, for example, fully inject yourself into this “corpo” world if you wish, and maintain a level of alignment there. Or not. The lines between the above are blurred depending on your own levels of investment in its presented ideals. And throughout your journey, your supposed position clashes and merges, as the game’s story beats the ebb and flow. To some degree, Johnny is an example of the town’s contempt for business, yes, but really, deep down, Johnny is afraid of being overlooked and ignored; not to count. And that sentiment most often arises among the myriad residents of Night City who struggle with its explosive state, even as it bleeds into every other corner uncontrolled by the corporations (and sometimes there too). He’s definitely an on-the-nose trope on the surface and sometimes acts as a crutch for the story given the amount of distraction available. But if you take the time to dig deeper, you’ll find plenty of nuance and go beyond his “fuck corporations” mantra.

The strength of Cyberpunk 2077 lies in its layered world, through which you can dig, extrapolate and be informed, and become a decisive part of…

It’s a long dive into the game’s initial failure, a bit of history repeating itself, some of the critical opposition it faced, and why we think there’s so much more here than its current reputation.

So buckle up and find out why it’s time to start celebrating Cyberpunk 2077.

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