Monsters of The Multiverse’s Full List of Playable Races Leaks

The full list of player races featured in the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons Monsters of The Multiverse sourcebook leaks ahead of the manual’s launch.

A fearless Dungeons & Dragons fan managed to compile a comprehensive list of all player races that will be included in Monsters of the multiverse.

According to YouTuber Nerd Immersion, the latest sourcebook for Wizards of the Coast’s ever-popular tabletop role-playing game will feature 33 playable races, with many tweaked stats and sports abilities. According to the intentions behind monsters of the multiverse, many races feature updated mechanics, implemented with balance in mind. Perhaps one of the biggest changes is the ability to cast racial spells using spell slots, which means players can increase the power of these abilities rather than being tied to spells. first level damage rolls.

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fans of Dungeons & Dragons’ more exotic breeds will no doubt be delighted to see them represented on the final list. Some adjustments to the game’s lore should make certain races more appealing to players. As one Reddit user noted, Kenku will apparently be able to speak normally and won’t be limited by Mimicry while Goblins and Hobgoblins now have “Fey Ancestry”, meaning they have an advantage against charms.

Devoted Reddit fans have also compiled a list of groceries that won’t be featured in monsters of the multiverse according to the recent leak. These include a variety of Tieflings, Warforged, Loxodon, and Owlin subraces, which have been introduced into the J&Dthe latest sourcebook Strixhaven: A Chaos Studies Program.

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monsters of the multiverse is an upcoming sourcebook for Dungeons & Dragons designed to adjust many elements of the game. Beyond the mentioned 30 playable runners, the tome will also feature revised stat blocks for approximately 250 monsters that fans of the roleplaying game will no doubt recognize. Prior to its release as a standalone book, monsters of the multiverse will be bundled in the upcoming D&D Rules Expansion Gift Set, which also includes Xanathar’s Guide to Everything and Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything.

While 2022 is already looking promising for fans of Dungeons & Dragons, the game’s success in 2021 cannot be overstated. Wizards of the Coasts has announced some of its highest sales figures to date following the launch of popular books like Nature beyond the witch’s light and Treasure of the Fizban Dragons. Looking ahead, the developer of the world’s most popular role-playing game is apparently planning to introduce a substantial rules overhaul in 2024.

The D&D Rules expansion gift set will launch on January 25.

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DnD fan uses AI to create terrifying (but compelling) monsters

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