Mods you need to try after update 1.5 in Cyberpunk 2077

The 17 months since Cyberpunk 2077 The initial launch was a tumultuous time for the highly anticipated RPG, with bugs, performance issues, and missing content leaving a sour taste in many players’ mouths. However, since that troubled launch, the developers of CD Projekt Red worked hard to improve the game.

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Indeed, 2022 has been a great year for the neon-soaked RPG, with the massive release of patch 1.5 two months ago. With this patch came a slew of new updates, including improved console graphics, better AI, new quests, and better combat. However, while the game has improved tremendously over the past few months, PC gamers can still benefit from some awesome mods that improve the post-patch experience.

Car modification workshop

porsche 911 II (930) turbo

Patch 1.5 saw Cyberpunk 2077 vehicles are receiving a number of handling upgrades, making driving through Night City an altogether more enjoyable experience. The Car Modification Shop adds a whole new layer on top of that.

Using this mod, players can upgrade each of the game’s unique vehicles, adding improvements to speed, handling, or durability. While it doesn’t come with any aesthetic changes, each vehicle looks brand new when fully upgraded, allowing players to experience the roads of Night City in a new way.

Vehicle combat

Night City Hot Rod

Following on from this vehicle theme, the Vehicle Combat mod adds just that, allowing players to engage in remote battles from the driver’s seat of a car or bike. It’s a feature the vanilla game is still missing after patch 1.5 and it adds an impressive amount of immersion to Night City.

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Along with adding vehicular combat, this mod also gives enemy NPCs, including the police, the ability to summon allies who can drive. This means players can be in the middle of a fight and a group of enemies can spawn attacking from their cars, something the base game is sorely lacking.

subway system

cyberpunk 2077 charter hill skyway

All along cyberpunk map, several subway stations are inaccessible to players, pointing to a feature that was removed from the base game. With the Metro System mod, players can now travel in an immersive way through Night City.

Although currently not fully animated, this mod adds a layer of immersion to the Cyberpunk 2077 live. Simply approach one of the 19 stations on the game map and enter a subway car. From there, players can easily and immersively travel the map.

JB – Third Person Mod

Third-person Cyberpunk mod showing the main playable character in the city

Several months before the release of Cyberpunk 2077CD Projekt Red announced that the game will not include a third-person viewpoint, a feature that was originally intended to be in the game. While patch 1.5 adds dozens of new features, a mode to the third person is always missing.

With this mod, players can experience the new additions of Patch 1.5 from a completely different perspective. Notably, with this mod, players can see all the changes they have made to V through the combination of this mod and the new appearance customization added in patch 1.5.

Appearance Change Unlocker

The character editor in Cyberpunk 2077

Patch 1.5 added the ability for players to approach the mirror in V’s apartment and change their hair, makeup, piercings, and tattoos. However, while these changes were welcome, many players wanted the option to completely overhaul V’s appearance.

Enter Appearance Change Unlocker, a mod that lets players change everything about V, from their voice to their facial structure, something that’s surely a welcome addition to a style-focused game.

StreetStyle – Immersive Fashion System

cyberpunk 2077 character standing in the sun on the sidewalk

The style rather than the substance is a slogan pasted on the original cyberpunk board game. This mod allows players to achieve both. With StreetStyle Immersive Fashion, each piece of clothing the player equips comes with its own stat bonuses.

RELATED: Cyberpunk 2077: Best Weapon Scopes & How To Get ThemEquip a new jacket, and players can benefit from an intelligence boost that will help them with future dialogue checks. On top of that, each piece of gear now has one of four Night City styles: Entropism, Kitsch, Neomilitarism, and Neokitsch.

Life Path Bonuses and Gang-Corp Traits

The Lifepath menu in Cyberpunk-2077

A key complaint to cyberpunk kicking off was a lack of differentiation between the game’s enemy NPCs. Much of the game’s combat was the same regardless of which players were fighting. This was improved in patch 1.5, with additions to NPC AI and mobs.

However, with this mod, each enemy group in the game will react differently to V based on Lifepath players’ choice at the start of the game. Choose Streetkid and Night City gangs can be weak to V’s attacks, Corpo and players can easily hack the cyberware of the soldiers of Arasaka. Ultimately, this exciting mod adds another layer to the AI ​​changes made in patch 1.5.

Improved AI Netrunners

Cyberpunk 2077 New Quick Hacks

This mod existed long before Patch 1.5, an update that fixed many issues with Netrunners in the game, but it still offers a variety of new options for players who want an improved Netrunner experience.

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This mod adds 10 new hacks that enemy AI Netrunners can perform, from contagion to slowed movement. Indeed, with these additions, this mod completes the improvements made in patch 1.5, adding even more to the cyberpunk live.

Blade Runner 2077

Officer K and Joe in Blade Runner 2049

The aesthetics of Cyberpunk 2077 is strongly rooted in the media that inspired it. One of these influences is undoubtedly blade runner. This mod then transforms Night City into a world closely resembling the famous film franchise.

Specifically, Bladerunner 2077 changes the ads in Night City, making them match the blade runner movies. With this new aesthetic, the mod allows for an interesting refresh after patch 1.5.

Limited HUD

cyberpunk 2077 character making heart sign

Patch 1.5 did a number of things to further improve CD Projekt Red’s product, but overall it improved player immersion. From the addition of romance options to new houses and better mob AI, everything was towards that end. The Limited HUD mod works for the same purpose.

A simple addition, this mod removes the HUD out of combat, making exploring Night City a more realistic and immersive experience for PC gamers.

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