Minecraft fan’s cyberpunk skyscraper looks straight out of Night City

While there are loads of awesome Minecraft builds out there, one player stood out with a unique cyberpunk skyscraper.

Another impressive and creative Minecraft build has landed on the internet, this time depicting a colossal cyberpunk-themed skyscraper. The world famous crafting and building game is famous for a number of different things, not the least of which are the countless cool creations it has spawned. Players have even used Minecraft to replicate locations from other popular video games like breath of the wild.

Although it was originally envisioned as a survival game centered around collecting materials, building shelters, and defending against menacing creatures, several Minecraft players use the game exclusively as a creative outlet. Thanks to the game’s creative mode, artistically inclined players were able to achieve stunning landscapes, cities, detailed interiors and much more. While there are limits to what players can build, the game’s simple, modular art style allows for massive creations of all shapes and sizes. This is useful for those interested in building skyscrapers or other large-scale creations such as the recent Minecraftskyward sword cross piece, which required its creator to dig a massive hole with a grassy spiral structure inside.


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Reddit user megatory seems to have adopted the opposite philosophy with their recently shared creation. The construction, which Megatorious describes as a “Eastern cyberpunk skyscraper“, stretches high into the sky and is full of detail. The building is multi-layered, messy and grimy, with iconography that aligns with several classic cyberpunk worlds.

This “high-tech, low-life“The aesthetic is sure to remind some players of certain locations in other video games such as Cyberpunk 2077. One might also remember anime shows and cyberpunk movies such as Akira, because the cramped, almost impossible structure of the building makes it grotesque and unreal. This is complemented by the building’s harsh geometry, which puts it in stark contrast to the sleek, aesthetic style of skyscrapers found in other urban centers. Minecraft the creations.

Needless to say, this version of Megatorious is extremely impressive and is another example of how talented and tech-savvy gamers can use titles such as Minecraft to create wonderful and creative works of art. Just like traditional works of art, these creations tend to draw inspiration from those that came before them; while the basic principles of Minecraft have remained unchanged since its original release in 2011, the player-produced versions of the game have evolved significantly. This cyberpunk skyscraper from Megatorious might even end up directly influencing the future creations of this fanbase.

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Minecraft is currently available on all platforms.

Source: Megatorious/Reddit

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