Meet Alex Moukala, the musician who makes Final Fantasy funky

A Vivi doll watches, silently approving the musical tribute.

Final fantasy, the long RPG series, possesses presented a lot of great music on its many, many entries, but it is only when the musician Alex Moukala started releasing funk-heavy remixes of the soundtracks from his games as these songs finally, finally, took off.

Here: Check Moukala’s point of view on one of Final Fantasy Xbattle themes to see what we mean.

Every essential element of Moukala’s videos is on display here. There is a Final Fantasy IX Vivi doll serving as the only member of the public. There is a colorful shirt and flashing lights. And above all, there is Moukala with a double bass, who plays hell with a Final fantasy Track.

His vision of X includes a lot of other music of the game, and it’s also large-achieve enough take into account non-instrumental memes.

During his journey through the Final fantasy catalog, Moukala has produced more remix that we can cover here, but probably the best part is its murderous take on Final Fantasy VIIthe theme of the opera boss, “A winged angel.” (Vivi doll, in frame as always, is frozen in fear of this extra-intense encounter with the enemy.)

When not busy putting extra framing in Final fantasy titles, Moukala also creates other video game remixes in a similar style. (His Deny Replicant, Underworld, and PlayStation One startup sound the videos are particularly good.)

In an effort to recruit others for his noble cause, Moukala doesn’t just show off his own remixes but devotes a lot of time to creating YouTube. music lessons and soundtrack analyzes, too much. This is important because every day new video games come out that have to be funk and no matter how excited the maddening power of a good bassline is, there is is only one man at the end. Join Moukala in his work and maybe one day we will no longer havelisten to a non-funked game track again.

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