Make sure you don’t miss one of Cyberpunk 2077’s best quests

Johnny Silverhand stands in front of an AI core.

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Venturing out of the way of the main quest in cyberpunk can feel a little dissonant… maybe ludonarrative? Sure, V has a lot to do, but there’s a whole town filled with quests and objectives. However, not all are made the same. If you want to experience one of the best side distractions this future dystopian landscape has to offer, it’s time to reconnect with an AI taxi service you encountered in the first act. Turns out they have a little staffing issue; fortunately you need swirls and you have time to spare.

Act two opens with such a heavy narrative premise that it’s easy to sink into the main story. Who has time to go for quests when time is running out for impending doom? This is especially the case when much of the game may look like a GTA– budding at worst. But the quest chain that follows “Tune Up” is filled with such personality and offers such a classic sci-fi AI premise that you shouldn’t miss it. In fact, this should be at the top of your list of quests to grab once you complete the main job of “The Heist”.

You must be in Act 2 to access this quest. Act two follows the harrowing events of “The Heist” main work, so we’re going to be in spoiler territory here. Also, as a content disclaimer, this quest deals with themes of self-harm and suicide. Make sure you have an intelligence score of at least 10 in order to access all results at the end of the quest.) It’s worth pausing the main storyline for this one.

It all starts with the “Tune Up” side job, which will surprise you a bit before you’re on your way to hunt down individual objectives scattered around the city. You have two choices as to how you want to approach this quest: Either clear all seven objectives one by one, or dive in and out of them as you progress through the main story or other quests. Some of the shootouts can get a bit tricky if you’re not leveled up appropriately, especially the one that takes place in Pacifica.

Let’s dig.

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How to start the Delamain side-quest

Your choom is dead, a cigarette-smoking rebel rockstar is stuck in your head, and a piece of equipment stolen from Arosaka slowly takes over your consciousness. Isn’t the future great? Act two comes after a hell of a turn of events and all you care about after you wake up is where the hell your car is.

Lucky: if you check your log or map, you’ll come across the “Tune Up” side job, where the first objective is to pick up your vehicle from your apartment parking lot.

After the very rude car hits you and destroys your ride, you will be wheelless for a while. Don’t worry, you can either take one of the purchasable vehicles as a temporary replacement (yes, you’ll get your wheels back).

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a free wheelset and don’t mind a quick trip through the desert, you can score a Colby CX410 Butte for free at the following location:

A location on a map shows a side job in Cyberpunk 2077.

Screenshot: CD Projekt Red / Kotaku

It’s by no means the fastest car and acceleration is rather slow, but what do you want for nothing?

Complete the rest of the “Human Nature” tasks and you will be able to access the “Tune Up” side job. This one will take you to Delamain’s HQ, where you’ll understand a bit of what just happened.

After chatting with Delamain for a bit, you’ll find that a number of his cars have gone rogue. It will be up to you to track them down.

Find rogue Delamain car locations (and how to drive in first person without crashing)

It’s time for a seven-step recovery quest! Don’t close the browser, believe me, this one is worth it. For the best experience, however, I definitely recommend driving in first-person mode. To avoid bumping into things left and right when driving in first-person perspective, make sure your map is turned on and use it as a kind of peripheral vision.

Once Delamain gives you the rundown of what’s going on, you’ll have access to the seven-step “Epistrophy” side job. You can go to each location as you wish, knock them out one by one, or choose to grab them when they feel appropriate. If you want to leave this quest as something to come back to, you don’t have to worry about tracking it too often. Delamain will call you whenever you are near one of the rogue vehicles. It will take a bit of time to find some of them depending on their location. Stay in the highlighted area of ​​your minimap until you find the car and stay close to them once you find their location. They can be found in the following places:

  • Sources
  • North Coast
  • Northern oak
  • Rancho Coronado
  • Badlands
  • The Glen
  • Coastal view

Some of the more notable parts of this quest include the Rancho Coronado, Wellsprings, and North Oak locations. In North Oak, you’ll have to drive the rogue taxi back yourself, except this AI is particularly nervous about town. Keep the car under 50 so you don’t scare him too much.

Rancho Coronado will have you incur fun property damage to satisfy an AI that is very upset with some flamingos. Meanwhile, Wellsprings’ AI has a bit of an attitude. It might seem clunky, but I recommend sticking to first person during the car battle here because, given the camera perspective, an impromptu 1v1 demo derby in the middle of a city is quite fun and poses a bit of a challenge.

If you’re heading to Pacifica for the Coastview location, however, level up and stock up on ammo. After a fun Easter egg, you’ll get blown up by a bunch of gonks. I recommend staying below deck during this firefight, as there are two groups of hostile enemies outside the bridge that can easily get drawn into the firefight. Fighting a group of fools is much more manageable than facing three.

Of note, “The Glen” location involves a conversation about depression and self-harm.

Delamain’s Final Quest: “Don’t Lose Your Mind”

Once you collect all the rogue AIs and send them back to Delamain HQ, you will have to wait a few days to receive a suspicious call from Delamain. This call is usually triggered by visiting Corpo Plaza. It turns out that Delamain has found the source of the problem: a virus has hit the AI ​​and you are called for help.

As you’ll quickly learn, getting into Delamain’s HQ isn’t as easy as it used to be. Once you find a way into the back, you’ll pass through some abandoned offices. Take the time to sift through the computer’s emails for a bit of dystopian backstory on what happened to the human staff. This is one of the quests in the game that saves time going through the world documents. You’ll also need to dig through the emails to get the code for the main office computer (it’s also a super secure computer: 1 2 3 4). If you have an intelligence of 8, you won’t need the password.

Once you gain access to the garage, you will have to deal with hostile drones and electrified ground. The drones don’t fight too much, but the ground will kill you quickly. (The Inductor Immune System implant will make you immune to electricity).

Take the door to your left as you enter the garage and see Johnny. You’ll need to get on top of the car that’s being raised and lowered and head to an open vent. You’ll then need to navigate narrow hallways behind cars to get to the control room and Delamain’s core. Once inside, things get interesting.

Johnny will appear and instantly give you his advice on what to do. You will have three options: restore Delamain and kill the rogue AI Offshoots, merge the AI ​​Offshoots with Delamain (requires an Intelligence score of 10) or pull out a gun and destroy the core, releasing the Offshoots of the AI ​​but killing Delamain.

Do the offspring of the AI ​​have the right to live? Are they just a mistake that needs to be corrected? Should they (or can they) coexist peacefully with the primary consciousness that gave birth to them? SPOILERS FOLLOW:

Johnny will appear to encourage you to either destroy the core or merge all the AIs into one. It’s not without reason, implying that Delamain hardly lives a free life as a taxi driver and dispatcher. Delamain admits early on in the quest that he maintains a control room strictly for the need to reflect humans, claiming that such a space is “infrastructure” he inherited, much like the visualized face through which he speak. Narratively, this is V’s chance to decide whether or not he will continue to simply serve humans by dispatching and driving cabs.

You are free to reset the core to purge the errant offshoots of the AI, which identify themselves as the children of Delamain and appear to be fragments of his own personality. If you do this, Johnny won’t be happy and will call you. If you don’t have the Intelligence score to merge the AIs, then your only option is to pull out a weapon and destroy the core.

If you have a high enough Intelligence score (10), you can access what is arguably the “good ending” of the Delamain quest guide. Once all the AI ​​personalities are merged, Delamain will express the need to leave Night City to go to a better place. Whichever ending you choose, however, you’ll have your own cab to drive.

While merging the AIs seems like the best way to go, none of them seem to be screaming “good/bad ending”. Instead, you’ll be left with a nice riddle about the nature of consciousness and what it means to be free. What’s more cyberpunk than that?

Delamain’s quest is easily one of Cyberpunk 2077the most memorable side-quests. There’s great gameplay, a ton of great dialogue and storytelling, and it’ll take you on a journey to different parts of the city. It’s easily the first side job to pick up once you get out of the first act.

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