Magic: The Gathering fans will be blown away by the Cyberpunk trailer for Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty

The official cinematic trailer for Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, the next Magic: The Gathering expansion, is a feast for the eyes.

Wizards of the Coast has unveiled a stunning cinematic trailer for Kamigawa: The Neon Dynastythe latest extension of Magic: The Gathering.

The trailer highlights Kamigawa: The Neon Dynastythe central themes of tradition and technology, demonstrating how the advanced and futuristic aircraft merge the two to create a refined and modern existence. The trailer is markedly different from the promotional videos released for extensions like Innistrad: Midnight Hunt and Crimson Wish as it takes players from the iconic card game and places them in a setting like no other.

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“In Kamigawa, tradition and technology are not opposed. It is the future”, explains the voice of a mysterious narrator in Japanese. “We propel machines with the magic of our ancestors… Together we embrace the dawn of a new era. Together we welcome it. Our future begins now.” The video ends with a quick glimpse of a character wearing white ornate robes, wielding an impressive blade. It is likely that this person is the long-departed Emperor of Kamigawa, returning to his people in times of need.

Longtime gamers will no doubt recognize many elements of the upcoming Kamigawa: The Neon Dynasty together. The Japanese-inspired aircraft will look remarkably different from when it was first introduced in Magic: The Gatheringis tradition. Historic architecture and outfits have been replaced with vibrant neon lights and flashy holograms, a dynamic that’s also communicated through the expansion’s mechanics and cards.

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Dave Humphreys, the game’s lead designer, said, “Tradition is mostly represented on the enchantment side, and modernity is represented on the artifact side. We have traditional gear that we still want to show off and have in this world. , but there is a spectrum that goes along with the color pie – from green to white, to black, to red, to blue – from the more traditional to the more technical.

Magic: The Gathering players can expect many fan-favorite mechanics to return, including Ninjutsu and Channel. These classic abilities are offset by new keywords, such as Reconfigure and Modified. Wizards of the Coast also explained that neon dynasty will focus on both Artifacts and Enchantments when previous sets have only prioritized one of the two.

Kamigawa: The Neon Dynasty launches into Magic: The Gathering Arena on February 10 while the physical release will follow soon after on February 18.

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Source: Wizards of the Coast

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