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The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power aired its first episode on September 1, 2022 and got fans excited about the original The Lord of the Rings movies and books. Set thousands of years before the events of The Lord of the Rings, the show tells of a young Galadriel on her quest to find and defeat the fearsome Sauron. Throughout its journey, viewers got glimpses of monumental events such as the creation of Mordor, the discovery of Mithril, and the forging of the three Elven rings of power. However, all is not in power rings was familiar to fans, and it was those parts that sparked the most discussion online.

In episode five, “Partings,” fans were introduced to a trio of mysterious women clad in white capes, servants of Sauron, as they journeyed to find the character only called The Stranger. The apparent leader of this trio is The Dweller, played by Birdie Sisson. The character is original to the series, which has fans of Tolkien’s lore scrambling to piece together where she fits into the world of The Lord of the Rings. The Dweller’s magical abilities, signature look, and intimidating screen presence would make an incredible Dungeons & Dragons build, especially for those who embrace the mysterious past of this now iconic character.

The summary of the construction of the inhabitant

Race Human variant
To classify Wizard
Background Acolyte
Ability Scores (in order of importance) INT, WIS, CHA, CON, DEX, STR

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The best run for The Dweller in D&D

An advantage of using The Lord of the Rings‘ lore as the backbone when creating The Dweller in Dungeons and Dragons is that Middle-earth only has a limited number of canonical races to choose from. While some viewers initially speculated that The Dweller was at least part elf (her headgear keeps her ears hidden for several of her scenes), she was eventually shown not to be, minus the pointy ears. of this breed. Considering the other racing options in The Lord of the Ringsit’s fair to say that the best race for her is human.

Since The Dweller is more powerful than most other humans in power rings, players can choose to use the human race variant. As a variant human, The Dweller gains proficiency in one skill (Arcana would suit him best, as far as lore, spells, and magical items such as his staff go), one feat, and an increase of two. ability scores. It all works together to create the powerful character seen on screen.

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The best class and spells for The Dweller in D&D

The best class for The Dweller is easily a wizard. In the Player’s Handbook, Wizards are portrayed as incredibly (and inherently) powerful beings with mysterious origins. They are able to call upon a variety of different forms of magic, which is seen in The Dweller’s range of abilities. Comparing the list of Sorcerer spells and what is seen in power ringsthe pieces fit together even better.

The best known of The Dweller’s abilities in the series is his fire magic. Not only can she tolerate heat, but she can also weaponize it, much like the hugely popular Fireball spell, available at level three for Wizards. There are a variety of other wizard spells that feature fire in this way, such as Wall of Fire (level four), Fire Bolt (Cantrip), Fire Storm (level seven), Burning Hands (level one), and even Incendiary Cloud (level 8).

Fire isn’t The Dweller’s only specialty, though. She also uses some sort of shapeshifting to change her appearance to that of other characters (most notably Nori and The Stranger), which helps her lure her prey. This can be achieved by the fourth level spell Polymorph, which allows the user to take the form of any creature in sight. The Dweller was also able to project The Stranger with his power, suggesting Telekinesis (level five) or Dominate Person (level five).

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The best background for the dwellerThe Servants of Sauron fight the Stranger in The Rings of Power.

Since The Dweller is not a product of the writings of JRR Tolkien, we only have power rings to use to piece together his past. What is currently known of The Dweller is that she is a servant of Sauron from the mysterious Rhûn, a region in eastern Middle-earth. She is also the most skilled of her group. While none of Dungeons & Dragons the backgrounds are a perfect fit for The Dweller, Acolyte is pretty close.

An Acolyte, according to Fifth edition rules, is a person who follows a powerful master or god (in this case, Sauron) and serves them with incredible devotion. They are similar to priests, which matches The Dweller’s portrayal of a priestess in power rings. Another interpretation of the Acolytes is that they are cult leaders or members, which perhaps fits The Dweller even better.

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The best ability scores and feats for The Dweller in D&D

In Dungeons & Dragons, there are six main ability scores: Intelligence (INT), Charisma (CHA), Strength (STR), Constitution (CON), Wisdom (WIS), and Dexterity (DEX). These abilities are assigned scores that determine a character’s skill in certain encounters. For example, they must have great strength if they want to successfully throw a person across the room.

The Dweller’s highest ability scores should be INT, WIS, and CHA first, which manifests in his mental prowess, skill with spells, and intimidating form of leadership. Next comes DEX, then CON and finally STR. Although The Dweller is fast and seems otherworldly, she was proven not to be immortal and relied on her spells, suggesting that her strength isn’t that high. . Since The Dweller is a human variant, she would ideally get a boost of one for each of her highest ability scores, in this case, INT and WIS.

As a human variant, players creating The Dweller can also choose an achievement to start with. The best ones to choose from in this case would be Elemental Adept, Keen Mind (which would increase his INT), Magic Initiate, and Spell Sniper. While players may be tempted to give him Ritual Caster, the feat requires the character to hold a spellbook, which would hamper The Dweller’s ability to fight.

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