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Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance currently has four playable characters, each relatively viable for single-player play to varying degrees.

Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance has been out for a few weeks, so players have had time to use its playable characters. Each character brings something unique to the gameplay. The action RPG has countless encounters with all manner of enemies, and co-op play is undoubtedly a major selling point for some players. That being said, Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance can be completed by playing solo. While every character brings something unique to the table, not all characters are equally viable for solo play.

Although he threw out some decent reviews, players would like to see some aspects of Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance improved. Almost universally, fans and critics hated parts of Black alliance. The camera has been a common criticism, as have some of its visuals and the behavior of its enemies. The developer, Tuque Games, has promised to improve the game with future updates. Many consider the game to be at its best in a group setting, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be beaten solo. The Companions of the Hall each perform unique roles, but some are more practical than others when playing solo.

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Level S – Bruenor Battlehammer

Bruenor wielding a hammer staring at a troll

To play Black alliance solo, Bruenor Battlehammer might be considered the best option at the moment. Bruenor is by far the most tanker playable character around. By design, Bruenor fulfills the role of a tank on the battlefield in Black alliance. Its deep pool of health and defense points allows it to outlast its enemies in combat. Bruenor is also capable of dealing decent damage, thanks to abilities like Whirlpool and Anvil of Clangeddin. While his damage isn’t as great as the others, he has the highest survivability of any character, which is especially important in single-player play when no other character is around to revive the character. of the player.

One Level – Drizzt Do’Urden

Drizzt Do’Udern is perhaps the most famous character of Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance. The Drow Ranger is a deadly force on the battlefield in Black alliance. Drizzt works like a pure damage dealer with his twin scimitars, and he’s perhaps the most maneuverable of all playable characters. Drizzt strikes extremely fast and can wear down enemies very quickly, especially with abilities like Blink and Cloud of Daggers. Drizzt can easily dodge and squeeze between his targets, although he is considerably more fragile than Bruenor. While his damage is great, his isn’t as good, making him a little less manageable than Bruenor Battlehammer.

Level B – Wulfgar

The barbarian, Wulfgar, is a solid choice to beat Black alliance by playing alone. Wulfgar’s talents focus on heavy strikes that deal proportionate damage and shatter enemy defenses. He’s not capable of dealing the same damage as Drizzt, and he’s not as tough as Bruenor Battlehammer. Wulfgar sits in between as a happy medium, where he can deal and resist a respectable amount of damage. Wulfgar has great abilities like Shockwave and Primal Instinct, which adapts his damage and defenses to the number of hit points he has lost. While not as ideal a choice as Bruenor or Drizzt, players should be able to comfortably beat the game with Wulfgar.

Level C – Catti-Brie

Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance Cattie Brie

Catti-Brie may have the most unique playstyle, but she’s not as good a choice as her companions for playing solo. Catti-Brie’s strength comes from using long-range attacks and keeping her distance, but it can be difficult to deal with when playing solo. Catti-Brie performs best when she has companions who keep enemies engaged in the melee, and while she can use melee attacks, they just aren’t as strong as her associates.

Catti-Brie also acts as a great healer in co-op sessions, which she can use in limited capacity, but she doesn’t lend herself to solo play as well as other playable characters. Its usefulness in multiplayer gaming sessions is hard to deny, abilities like Ensnaring Strike are great when playing with others, but unfortunately it doesn’t translate as well when playing solo.

Dungeons and Dragons: Black alliance DLC is due before the end of 2021. Following the release of some free downloadable content, an expansion titled Echoes of the Bloody War must be started. It has been confirmed that this will have a new playable character, so time will tell how this new protagonist will stack up against the other companions. For players looking to complete the game solo, Bruenor is potentially the most viable option. Drizzt and Wulfgar are certainly achievable as well, but Catti-Brie will probably give players the biggest challenge. While Black alliance arguably thrives in co-op, it is certainly possible to beat the game in solo.

Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.

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