Link To The Past-Inspired ‘Rogue Heroes’ Gets Druids And Dungeons Update This Month

We got a lot of praise for the adorable but challenging Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos when we reviewed it in 2021. It proudly wears its love of Zelda: A Link to the Past on its sleeve, the way the game starts at the visuals, even the map! But it’s A Link to the Past with a twist, as it adds roguelike elements designed to compel and challenge.

Now, this lovely little roguelite is getting a major update on March 31. Neatly titled “Druids and Dungeons,” you can guess at least two things that will be coming to the game when the update drops next week.

For now, here are the patch notes, straight from the Team17 publisher site:


You’ve heard of petting the dog…but what if it’s you who wants to be petted?

– The Druid class allows you to transform into 6 different forms!
– Do like a fish in water! Transform into a fish-like aquatic form to swim through bodies of water.
– Wade through deep mud as the Croaker, a large toad-like creature.
– Transform into a dog to charm NPCs and disaggro enemies! You will also be able to locate and dig up hidden objects.
– Use the form of a squirrel to dodge attacks and quickly traverse the overworld or dungeons.
– Transform into a lemur to jump through the air and transform into stone when you punch and stun your enemies!
– Transform into a snake to attack and weaken enemies.


With new handmade dungeons, each one has a new tile set, puzzle structure, enemies and bosses!

Rock Skull
Location: Overworld A18 (extreme southwest in Overworld)
Monster Level: 20A desert/beach themed dungeon accessible by completing the Rescue Hank side quest and obtaining the Crab Key. Players will need to find beads and insert them into sockets matching each bead’s design, to unlock the boss room near the entrance!

Location: Overworld S1 (far northeast in Overworld)
Monster Level: 70A mining-themed dungeon in the forested area of ​​the Granite Hills! A large three-story dungeon where players will need to activate statues on each floor to unlock the boss room downstairs. This dungeon features puzzles involving filling and moving minecarts on moving tracks with pressure plates to activate nearby elements.

Ruins of Slalen
Location: Overworld T11 (Far East in the overworld halfway between north and south)
Monster Level: 75A water-themed dungeon accessed by the new Flipper gear. Players will need to move up and down the water level to access different parts of each room…

Catacombs – Endless Battle Dungeon
A new combat-focused endless dungeon has been added to the village! Fight in 26 randomly selected room types for each floor – the difficulty increases as you adventure, how long can you survive?

Upgrade and add items to your class in the Goddess Shrine Shop, or sell excess Monster Parts for Gold in the Monster Shop! If you fancy a little competition, stop by the Tavern!

– New side quests
– Potion brewing stations in main dungeons!
– New difficulty levels! Choose between Normal, Hard and Brutal.
– New items! Head to fast travel locations in the overworld with the Warp Medallion, or “dash” through the water, and punch through the damaged red rocks blocking the way to the ruins of Slalen with the Flipper!

So it’s four new dungeons, a class with six forms, a shop that allows you to improve classes and more difficulty levels? Looks like the gender bond is even stronger.

Are you excited for the next Rogue Heroes update? Let us know in the comments!

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