Legendary game designer Sakaguchi loved FFXIV so much that he put it forward


He tells about his trip

Hironobu Sakaguchi is known by many nicknames: one of the most popular is “the father of Final fantasy. “He’s been in the industry for decades and has helped cement Square as a preeminent JRPG force around the world. While working at Mistwalker, he now creates games like Fantastic, he still has a lot of love for Final fantasy in his heart. As evidenced by this Sakaguchi Final Fantasy XIV Reading Twitter.

As ResetEra spotted, Sakaguchi recently started the MMO and enjoyed it to the point where he quickly erases content (make sure you get some sleep!). Earlier this month, he launched the Toward the sky expansion, and managed to erase it within days. The kicker? From his screenshots and comments on Twitter, looks like he’s actually watching all the cutscenes. At the time of publication, it appears Sakaguchi is in the throes of Stormblood.

If you are interested you can check out Sakaguchi’s timeline, where he recounts moments of Final Fantasy XIVThe main questline of with comments. You won’t get the full impact, but you will get the gist of a lot of lines like “I have two hours left before my date, I hope I can connect a bit. “ He even plays the part a bit, It’s adorable.

It must be an absolute trip for him. Not only is Final Fantasy XIV a fantastic game almost throughout a few hundred hours, but Sakaguchi also gets to see many classic designs that he helped bring to life in a new era. He was not directly involved in the production of a Final fantasy game since he was executive producer for X-2 in 2003, so a lot of it is probably a nice trip down memory lane.

Drawing on the Twitter angle, I think there is a lot of potential for “reading podcasts” featuring industry experts and designers who worked on the series. While these projects have been around for a while for TV series, they are starting to gain even more traction as a result of shows like Office ladies (there is even a Veep one with Jonah and Mike). There is room for a concept of MMO “replay” to the beat of the story!

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