Kingdom Hearts: all Final Fantasy characters that appear

The Kingdom Hearts The series offers players a one-of-a-kind crossover adventure, mixing Disney movies with Square Enix movies Final fantasy Games. The original game hosted a motley team of characters, but the Final fantasy inclusions often stole the show. Like Leon (Squall) and Cid, many of these characters play a direct role in Sora’s story, not just the fleeting plot of Disney worlds. Some notables Final fantasy characters, from Sephiroth to Tidus, make appearances, but also some outsiders too.

Kingdom Hearts’ the main character, Sora, was recently announced as the last Guest Fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but it will be played without any of its allies. Although Sephiroth and Cloud were both featured in Kingdom Hearts games and are also among Super Smash Bros. Ultimate list, both Final Fantasy VII the characters do not represent their Kingdom Hearts appearance. That said, Sora has rubbed shoulders with countless Final fantasy friends before in his own titles. Here is each Final fantasy character appearing in the original Kingdom Hearts Game.

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Kingdom Hearts Sora and Tidus

Tidus makes an appearance as one of Sora’s childhood friends on Destiny Islands. While his interactions with Sora in the game boil down to just a few conversations and the possibility of a fight with him, the familiarity of their conversation implies that they have been friends for some time. The Kingdom Hearts version of Tidus is aged compared to its original Final Fantasy X appearance.

Tidus is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy X, where he joins Summoner Yuna on her pilgrimage to defeat Sin. The Tidus featured in Kingdom Hearts has none of his equipment but keeps his fencing, which he executes with a long stick.


Wakka appears in Kingdom Hearts at the start of the game on Destiny Islands. He is also available as Sora’s training partner. Wakka has a few things to say to Sora during his time on Destiny Islands, and he even helps point lost players in the right direction at some point. Although it seems that Sora and Wakka have known each other for some time, the Wakka of Kingdom Hearts is a much younger version than the original in Final Fantasy X.

Wakka is a supporting character and group member in Final Fantasy X. While he doesn’t look like himself originally, he still has his Bliztball and prowess with the object.

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Kingdom Hearts Selphie

Selphie is Destiny Islands’ third friend alongside Tidus and Wakka at the start of the game. She has little to say, but is available to train if Sora wants to hone her skills. Like her two other young companions, the Kingdom Hearts Selphie’s version is a younger interpretation than that of her original appearance.

Selphie is a supporting character and group member of Final Fantasy VIII. Selphie was a master of nunchaku when she made her debut, and in Kingdom Hearts, she shows it with her mastery of skipping rope cocking.


Kingdom Hearts Cloud in Olympus

Kingdom Hearts presents his take on Cloud when Sora first visits the Hercules-based on the Coliseum of Olympus. Facing a tournament as champion of Hades, Cloud finds himself a pawn in the Disney villain’s plan to bring down Hercules. Regardless of how Sora’s encounter with Cloud goes, the two escape and then Herc intervenes. If the players emerge victorious from the fight against Cloud, he will surprise them later with a small gift. Cloud can also be fought in other tournaments at Olympus Colosseum throughout the game.

Cloud Strife is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy VII and its recent remake. However, unlike its appearance in Final Fantasy VII, Kingdom Hearts’ Cloud is dressed in a combination of his SOLDIER armor and Vincent Valentine’s outfit. That said, he still has his Buster sword, although it appears to be wrapped in bandages.

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Kingdom Hearts Yuffie

Yuffie makes an appearance in Kingdom Hearts on Sora’s first visit to Traverse Town. After his battle with Leon, Sora wakes up in a room with a woman he first confuses with Kairi. “The Great Ninja Yuffie” quickly corrects Sora, then helps the hero fight against the source of Traverse Town’s heartless infestation. Yuffie often appears with Leon, Cid, and Aerith, all from Hollow Bastion before she fell. The four help Sora on several occasions throughout his journey, both in Traverse Town and later in Hollow Bastion.

Yuffie Kisagari is a supporting character and party member in Final Fantasy VII and the main protagonist of this year Final Fantasy VII EPISODE TRAINING DLC. She’s a master ninja and masters her oversized throwing weapons in every guise.

Leon (Gourde)

Kingdom Hearts Leon Squall

Without doubt the most essential Final fantasy the character is Squall, known as Leon in Kingdom Hearts. Shortly after Sora arrives in Traverse Town, Leon challenges him to fight, assessing his strength. From there, Leon plays a pivotal role in guiding Sora when all paths seem closed, often helping Sora locate new worlds or offering vital guidance. Helping Sora throughout his journey, Leon ultimately helps him take back his old home, Hollow Bastion.

Squall Leonhart is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy VIII, where he joins his fellow SeeD students in saving the world from a deranged witch. Squall sports an iconic mid-rise leather jacket with fur trim in both its original depiction and in Kingdom Hearts, although his leather jacket has short sleeves in the latter. In both appearances, he wields a sword-pistol hybrid called the Gunblade.

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Kingdom Hearts Aerith and Sora

Aerith resided in Traverse Town for most of the first Kingdom Hearts game, but she catches up with Donald and Goofy while Leon and Yuffie take care of Sora. While Aerith isn’t often at the forefront of situations like Leon and Yuffie are, she’s always there to support them – even when it comes to returning to the Heartless Hollow Bastion.

Aerith is a supporting character and group member in Final Fantasy VII and in the 2020s Final Fantasy VII remake. Aerith is a master of healing magic in her appearances in Final Fantasy, similar to a white mage. In Kingdom Hearts, Aerith is not faced with combat and therefore does not exhibit any potential abilities. That said, she is responsible for upgrading the Cura spell from Sora to Curaga.


Kingdom Hearts Cid behind the counter

Sora only has one mechanic in Kingdom Hearts, and it’s Cid. Sora first meets Cid in Traverse Town while tending to a friend’s general store. Once Sora has learned his true trade, he settles down a short distance away and always lends a helping hand whenever players need Gummi ship upgrades. He is originally a resident of Hollow Bastion and helps Leon, Yuffie, and Aerith in their fight to take back their home.

Cid is a supporting character and party member in Final Fantasy VII. Its appearance in Kingdom Hearts and its original appearance is almost the same except for the clothes. In Kingdom Hearts, he wears a white t-shirt and blue pants as opposed to a blue aviator jacket and flight glasses worn in Final Fantasy VII. He also traded his cigarette for a toothpick and is without his spear.


Kingdom Hearts Sephiroth

One of the surprise inclusions in Kingdom Hearts was Sephiroth. Featured as a secret boss who can only be encountered in the Olympus Colosseum Platinum Match, Sephiroth offered the ultimate challenge in Kingdom Hearts. The cinematic entry of Sephiroth is that all players see before their fight begins, directly entering the fight without a word. While he didn’t play a central role in Sora’s journey or the overall narrative, he has proven to be one of Sora’s most dangerous adversaries.

Sephiroth is the antagonist of Final Fantasy VII and sort of last year Final Fantasy VII remake. Sephiroth is famous for his oversized sword, Masamune, and shiny silver hair against his black trench coat. Much is intact in Kingdom Hearts, although it always sports the titular wing.

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