Keanu Reeves says he never played Cyberpunk 2077


A new interview with The matrix Resurrections stars Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss, run by Polygon’s sister site The Verge, ricocheted the internet for a variety of reasons. One is Reeves’s laughing skepticism about NFTs and how easy it is to reproduce their images. Another reason is Reeves’ chemistry with Moss as they discuss the technology – him the wide-eyed visionary, she the uncertain skeptic.

But there’s another moment that caught people’s attention: Reeves’ brief admission that he never played the game he played in, Cyberpunk 2077, which was launched a year ago. First of all spotted on Reddit by an account now deleted, the confession directly contradicts the statements of CD Projekt Red CEO Adam KiciÅ„ski at the end of 2020.

During the interview, which promotes Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5 playable demo The matrix awakens, the conversation turns to other games in which the two have portrayed characters. There is a brief mention of Moss’s time in the Mass Effect series, and Reeves mentions that Warner Bros. “is like ‘Where’s the ball?’ Oh, you mean the bullet you dropped 15 years ago? in response to questions about another Matrix video game.

But when asked if he plays video games himself, he offers a quick and straightforward answer in one word: “No”.

When asked in a follow-up, even Cyberpunk? He replies: “No. I saw demonstrations but never played.

Now compare that with what KiciÅ„ski told investors during CD Projekt Red’s third quarter earnings call. Translated by In search of the alpha, a question of unknown source emerges at the end of the call: did Keanu play the game? KiciÅ„ski says: “Yes. Yes. He played the game. But as far as I know, I haven’t finished yet. So, but definitely he played the game and he loves it.

Polygon has contacted CD Projekt Red for comment.

Reeves playing the game made headlines at the time. The player, (who spotted the contradiction, first rated in 2020 that it was “a gratifying and rather meta thought to imagine Reeves interacting with his character in the game Johnny Silverhand.”

If Reeves had played the game before launch, he might have noticed what gamers around the world discovered: The game was riddled with launch bugs that lasted until 2021. The flaws were so glaring that Sony has made the decision to offer a full refund to those who purchased the game digitally, as well as to pick it up from their store. The game returned to the Sony store in July 2021.

Reeves is certainly not a Luddite – in the interview, he happily embraces the idea of ​​Johnny Silverhand being wanted for sex by Cyberpunk players, and find “brilliant”, in several possible connotations of the word, that children today reject the duality of true and false offered by the first Matrix movie.

But it looks like he’s drawing a line for playing video games. In his defense, Cyberpunk at launch wouldn’t have been a great introduction.


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